From the Editor
Good morning to all my fellow Mornington Rotarians, their Partners and families, well from the " lows of Sunday" to a very, very big turnaround in the space of 24hrs. Initially we thought another few weeks of isolation and within a few short hours we are now really looking towards a rainbow of light, in that we are well and truly on the road out of lockdown. Like all of us for me and my wife its a great relief, we can all now look forward to our day to day routines returning to normality over the coming weeks. As one fellow Rotarian said to me yesterday, " its like Christmas Day under the Tree, so excited and not too sure what present to open first ".
I spoke with our president late yesterday after the announcement and the subject came up about a social gathering. Our weekly Club Meeting venue was broached but I fear every patron in Mornington will surly have the same idea !!, might be a bit hard to get into ? or maybe we could gather, with more members and partners ( outdoor dinning guidelines & weather on the improve ?) to join around our own Long Table. I'm sure our Social Officer, Eileen, will by now have something in the planning, keep an ear out for a much anticipated good old fashioned get together in the coming weeks.
For those who tuned-in over the weekend, just gone, we finally came to very long and protracted 2020 Football Season, to say the least, and congratulations to the two Melbourne teams that made it to the the podium. 
Last Week's Club Meeting  
 Our regular weekly Club Meeting from last week, was once again, a slightly somewhat different format/event. Thanks to our International Chair, Richard, we were invited to log-on and tune into an online presentation to recognise and celebrate End Polio Day 2020. The meeting commenced with a brief overview on a number of ongoing Community matters, presented by Victor, pertaining to the proposed construction of Bathroom Facilities at FUSION, the format for a visit by our current DG, and a number of points and discussions from some recent meetings with our Shire Council. These points are covered in this weeks Bulletin within our Presidents Report.
We then moved onto the online End Polio Presentation, which was very informative and I found that the segments that contained the true life experiences and stories of those effected by Polio very informative and this concept presented a real personal prospective of this terrible affliction. Thanks Richard for your Presentation for the evening.
BushFire Relief 
With the past events of the devastating Bushfires in late 2019 and well into 2020, like all Volunteer Community Organisations, Rotary Clubs throughout the country " stood up and offered much needed assistance to those in need". Of one of the many avenues of help that our club offered to the Bush Fire affected communities was the ability to supply seedlings in the form of Tube Stock for re-vegitation of native trees that were wiped out by the wildfires. This source of support along with quite a few still ongoing projects was first mooted back in late February this year, at a Board Meeting, and was then formulated into a more specific plan in late May. Well the plan has finally come to fruition with the delivery of some 1,000 Native Australian Tube Stock Trees to LANDCARE via the tremendous work and efforts of a number of Rotary Clubs in Gippsland, headed up by Peter Sindrey from The Rotary Club of Lakes Entrance.  A very big thanks also goes to our own Shire Nursery located at The Briars and the great work done by their Team Leader; Kate Skvor and all her staff, well done Kate. Featured below are a number of pics.
The hand-over of the trees to Brian Mann (L) by Kate Skvor (R) Team Leader, Mornington Shire Nursery at the Briars.
After a slow and very wet trip from Mornington to Lakes Entrance the trees were finally delivered to Peter Sindrey from the Rotary Club of Lakes Entrance.
These pics were taken by my Daughter, only two weeks ago, whilst travelling from Metung to Mallacoota on a family day trip. Its shows the very, very slow regrowth of the native forest on the Princess Hwy (Top) near Orbost and the burnt-out vegetation on the foreshore (Bottom) along the walking track from the Village of Mallacoota down to the beach. Along the trip my Grandchildren commented, to their Parents, ' look at all the scary ghost trees Mummy' , which shows that some of our native forests may never recover, but then again nature is amazing and hopefully one day the bush will return to its beautiful original state.
Upcoming Club Meeting- Wednesday 27th October - Board Meeting 
Our next scheduled Club Meeting will be tomorrow evening, Wednesday 28th October,  but this will be a Board Meeting, so for all those Members, excluding those on the Board , its basically " a night off ", but having said that any Club Member is welcome, as an observer only, to tune in and listen the the goings on of your Board. 
Our next Scheduled Club Meeting will be held, via ZOOM, on Wednesday 04th November, commencing at the usual start time of 6;00pm. At this meeting we will have Peter Sindrey from the Rotary Club of Lakes Entrance as our Guest Speaker. Peter will present a detailed account of the Tree Planting and re-vegitation as per the brief story above. This should prove to be a great presentation, so please tune in /log-on and find out where, why and how our assistance in the Bushfire relief has progressed.
            Meeting ID: 927 056 436      Password: 294331
Birthdays/ Anniversaries 

This week our Club acknowledges two Birthdays, that being one of our Clubs very respected and much loved Fran Chambers and also Lyn Johnson, the partner of our President Ross.
On behalf of our President Ross (it goes without saying) , The Board, all our Members and their Partners we wish to extend a very big Happy Birthday wish to Fran and Lyn on your special day's, and with the easing of social gathering's I'm sure that both Ross and Daryl have a special dinner planned ?? Congratulations to our two Birthday Girls, well done. 
President’s Report – 07th October 2020
This Wednesday Night is a Board Meeting 
We are on at 6pm on Zoom, and you are welcome to sit in. Meeting ID: 927 056 436  Password: 294331
The following week, November 4, we have a Bushfire Relief night where our Guest Speaker is Peter Sindrey from the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale. Brian will host the night and also give a report on the recent delivery of 1000 trees, and Peter J will update us with his week at Blaze Aid in Buchan. (thanks to Brian for the tree delivery, covered in his report).
I am hoping that the following week, Nov 11, we might be able to have a social function at the Rose Garden Rotunda, regulations and weather permitting. Obviously we are awaiting announcements before making plans.
Last week
Thanks to Richard for hosting and organising the International / Foundation / End Polio night. For those who attended the Global Citizen Polio Event afterwards, I am sure you will agree it was very professionally done. Whilst it may not have contained a lot of “news” it certainly presented an inspiring story and compelling numbers about Rotary’s leadership in the eradication of polio. Since 1988 around 1.5m lives have been saved, and 18m people can walk, being two of the more memorable numbers.  What a remarkable achievement to be part of!
Progress with our potential significant community project(s) – the Bay Trail.
One of the significant projects we are exploring is the Bay Trail. As you know the Cluster of Peninsula Clubs, has agreed this to be the Centenary Project.  Next week the Cluster representatives are meeting with Council Officers to talk about what project(s) Clubs can undertake to enhance the Bay Trail. The intent is to commence in 2021, to coincide with the Centenary, but we recognise the project(s) may extend over several years. The particular challenge for us as a Club is that the location of the Bay Trail in Mornington is not yet clear. Most likely it will include along the old Railway Line from Moorooduc Station to the Station at the corner of Watts / Yuilles Rd and then into Mornington along the old railway line alignment. Project options being considered are everything from signage and maps, picnic and rest facilities, vegetation and landscaping. Ideas are always welcome.