Recognition of Australian Rotary Health

A highlight of the Club's Annual Changeover night was the visit of the Chair of Australian Rotary Health, Greg Ross, to present recognition to Don Gordon, a President of the Club in the early 1980's, for his role in leading in the formation of Australian Rotary Health. ARH has subsequently gone on to raise $46 million for medical research, with its emphasis since the early 2000's being mental health. Six members of the club at the time of the formation were present,  (photograph L to R) Darryl Chambers, Milton Green, Don Gordon, Ted Moore, Ken Bilham and Ian Prudden.


In the early 1980's club member Ian Scott proposed the need for medical research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The club got behind this initiative, and approached other clubs in the district who added to the funding support. Progressively districts and clubs from around Australia came on Board and over $46 million has been raised. Once successful research had been completed into SIDS, other areas of need for medical research were funded. Since the early 2000's the Research emphasis has been towards medical research. ARH also funds scholarships for study and in 2019-21 the Rotary Club of Mornington is supporting an Indigenous Scholarship. 

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