From The Editor
Good afternoon my fellow Mornington Rotarians, well as we are all going thru a number of very challenging lifestyle change's, our Club Bulletin will hopefully provide a basis for ongoing updates and club business and other news-worthy articles , as has been the case in the past, to keep us all informed and continue our Club bond. Should you have any items of news from each of your respective " Chairs " please send them thru to me via an e-mail to and I can send them out in the upcoming issues.  John Renowden has already commenced this line of communication and his mini report of our Club's Youth activities , is as shown below.  My recent conversation, a few days ago, with John among club business we also spoke about the challenges of staying at home and that we both agreed that our garden, lawns and veggie patches have never looked better !!! .  I hope that you and your partner's are all finding new ways to " stay sane " with the isolation restrictions ?  
Last week I had a very pleasant and subsequent enlightening conversation with another Club Member, and as part of our conversation we discussed the unbelievable tirade of information that is constantly being sent out via all avenues of media, this I believe to a certain degree is a good thing, so at least we are all being informed and updated and the " state of play " that changes not just daily but at times hourly !!.  I have noticed there are quite a lot of speculative items floating around on social media outlets, such as Facebook etc.  To this end I have found in order to " filter thru ' the enormous amount of information , I have saved only three websites onto my e-mail system and Mobile Phone.  This allows me to get the the relevant information " direct from the horses mouth ", so to speak , and those sites are:
a.              this is the official Website from the Australian Federal Government.
b.          this is our own Victorian State Government Website from the Office of the Vic Premier - Mr Daniel Andrews, and 
c.                   this is the official Website from the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia
Hopefully these Websites  should provide you with a reliable source of information in these very challenging times.  
The Birthday Boy
On a good note, on behalf of all the members of The Rotary Club of Mornington, we would all like to wish Rod Birt a very happy birthday, for today !!!! Well wishes Rod.
Youth Update
  1. The 2020 Muna  project ( Model United Nations Assembly) has been cancelled for this year. The teams were due to gather at Phillip Island in May. We had a Mornington Secondary College team keen to take part but they won’t be able to enjoy the experience this year. Luckily we have not paid anything at this stage as the district were to invoice us later.         2.    Ross and I have met with Hanna Swinnerton and she has agreed on a project for her RYLA completion. She hopes to produce a video showing the various Youth Programs connected or associated with Rotary. Hopefully this will progress in the next few weeks.
        Thanks John for your mini Update/ Report.
Until our next edition of our Club Bulletin.
To all my fellow Rotarians,
Please stay happy, healthy and safe
Your Media & Communications Officer