Good morning to all my fellow Mornington Rotarians and their Partners. This weeks Editor's Report is very scant in terms of items of general interest, but the one important event over the past week, to report on, is last weeks very special club meeting, so onto the article as below. 


Club Meeting- Last Week - ARH Guest Speakers

At our Club Meeting last week we hosted two very special guests in Molly King and Liam Ryan. This event has been eagerly awaited, by all members and partners, for some time now and with the delay's that COVID impacted on all from our guests not being able to visit our club over the past 12 months. But finally we were able to hear from two very dedicated, enthusiastic and focused medical professionals in what was a wonderful evening of informative and enlightening presentations. Molly's presentation (prior to dinner) was a follow on from her ZOOM Meeting, that we hosted last year, with an update on her progress and we found out that administering injections was, " a favourite of my day to day duties" and the on-line ZOOM presentations although very important in her studies, can at times be somewhat tedious.  Liam was next to the podium and commenced his presentation which was to say the least very, very interesting especially in view of the somewhat detailed subject matter, just in time, before we got too involved , dinner was served.  After dinner Liam continued with his presentation and with such a complex and highly specialised scientific content Liam did a wonderful transition  into layman's terms that his research and studies are aiming to produce. One very interesting point from the evening is that although there have been a number of studies akin to Liam's with little progress and subsequent nil success, Liam's PHD which aims to develop a new and alternative screening for Bowel Cancer, is currently the only one of its kind world-wide. The evening was a resounding success and all Members, Partners and Guest's, in attendance were witness to two very inspiring young Australians that we can all be very proud of. Our Rotary Club can be extremely proud of our two ARH Scholarships recipients. Thank you Molly and Liam. Please find, below, a number of pics taken at our Club Meeting, which shows Molly and Liam with a number of our Club Members, some of which were the " founding fathers " of  Australian Rotary Health, which was instigated within the Rotary Club of Mornington some 40 years ago. 

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Our Next Club Meeting - Wed 21st April 2021 - Mornington Hotel  

At our Club's next upcoming meeting this coming Wednesday 21st April 2021, our Guest Speaker will be The Officer-in- Charge of the Mornington Police , SNR SGT Paul Edwards, who will be providing a presentation on Policing within our Mornington area. this will certainly prove to be another interesting presentation, so if you are free please come along. The dinner cost is $20, drinks at the bar.  Please RSVP to Eileen Prudden at



Birthdays/ Anniversaries

This week is " pretty quiet on the celebratory front for April " with a nil Birthday/ Anniversary promulgation.


Presidents Report  -  13th April 2021 

This week we have another great speaker night – with Paul Edwards who is in charge of Mornington Police Station, accompanied by Greg Kraus, a Paul Harris Fellow. Then on the 28t, h we have Martin Green from Beleura House. Both present the opportunity to invite family and friends for what will be interesting nights. 
But please let Eileen know if you are not coming or bringing a guest.
Last week we had Liam Ryan and Molly King, as our Guest Speakers. 
What a fabulous night. Great to have so many visitors, especially Marilyn and Geoff Walkley.
I won’t repeat Brian’s detailed report here but some interesting background information regarding Australian Rotary Health includes
  • The amount invested since inception 40 years ago now exceeds $50 million !  
  • This Financial year ARH has invested over $2.2m in 
    • 80 Indigenous Scholarships, up to $5k pa each,  and  of which Molly is one
    • 43 Funding Partner PHD Scholarships up to $29k pa each,  and  of which Liam is one
    • Six Rural Nursing Scholarships up to $12.5k pa each
    • 3 Post Doctoral Fellowships in the area of Mental Illness,  up to $75 pa each
    • 7 Ian Scott PHD Scholarships for Mental Health research,  up to $29k pa each
    • 16 Research Project Grants into  Mental Health research,  up to $70k pa each
  • The club has committed to up to 3.5 years for Liam’s Scholarship at $12k pa. (So if it’s 3 years it’s $36k and if 3.5 years its $42k) Half of this is being contributed in the name of the partner, Reg Kilborn.
  • The breakdown of annual contributions to the Funding Partner scholarship is 
·      Rotary Club  - $12,000
·      Australian Rotary Health - $7,000 and
·      University/Research Institute - $11,000
TOTAL = $30,000 per annum
  • The Club’s contribution to Molly’s Scholarship is $2.5k pa, which is renewable each year. ARH contributes the other $2.5k
  • Last year we contributed $5k to Lift the Lid and this years amount is still to be considered by the Board and recommended to the members.
What more can you do to help ARH ? 
  • Consider making a personal donation – either to ARH, Lift the Lid or our PHD Scholarship for Liam. (all can be tax deductible)  
  • Consider making a bequest in your will
  • Put Friday August 20 in your Diary to attend the 40th Anniversary of ARH Dinner in Mornington
  • Put Sunday October 10 in your Diary and help the Club organise a Lift the Lid walk on that Day 
District Conference May 1 you should have received a separate District email on this – an afternoon session and evening meal. So far Jo, Peter 0,  and I are interested…who else wants to come?
District 9820 Grants Thanks to Richard, Brian and Judy for attending the District Grant seminar on line on Sunday April 11 that qualifies us to apply for a District Grant next year.
Peninsula Voice’s next Forum “Is gambling harm your blindspot?” Thursday, 20 May 2021 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Peninsula Community Theatre, 91 Wilsons Road, Mornington. Details at
World Immunisation Week  April 24-31Please take 2 minutes to look at this video featuring some of the iconic global identities of our generation.
Another date for your Diary – Changeover Night – Wed June 30.
Rotary Australia Centenary and the Bay Trail There was discussion at the Cluster Presidents meeting about all Clubs on the Peninsula organising their own Lift the Lid Walk on Sunday October 10, and linking this to the Bay Trail and our Australian Centenary. Anyone interested in helping organise this ?
A couple of other bits of Board business
  1. The Gippsland Rotary Clubs have let us know they will not be requiring the additional 1000 trees in the near future, due to the many donations they have received. If you have an idea of what more we can do for Bushfire Relief with our funds residue of around $2k please let us know
  2. Hannah Swinnerton. Sorry to advise that despite great support and coaching from John R and Judy,  Hannah has been unable to complete her required study for the Certificate IV within the timeline.
The Cluster Presidents Meeting on Sunday April 11 was again very worthwhile to hear all the good projects that are going on at other clubs on the Peninsula. All are pretty much back to normal but with an extra impetus for new projects, fundraisers and members that reflects their constrained activities in 2020. Mt.Eliza, who celebrate their 50th anniversary next month are about to launch a Satellite Club.