Australian Rotary Health & ARH Scholarships - Molly King 

In the early 1980's club member Ian Scott proposed the need for medical research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The club got behind this initiative, and approached other clubs in the district who added to the funding support. Progressively districts and clubs from around Australia came on Board and over $46 million has been raised. Once successful research had been completed into SIDS, other areas of need for medical research were funded. Since the early 2000's the Research emphasis has been towards medical research. ARH also funds scholarships for study and in 2019-21 the Rotary Club of Mornington is supporting an Indigenous Scholarship. 

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The Rotary Club of Mornington is this year celebrating forty years since its project to research the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome led to the  establishment of Australian Rotary Health. Since then nearly $50m has been raised for medical research. 
In 2020 the Club sponsored Molly King with an Indigenous Health  Scholarship. Molly is currently in her second year of a five year course at Monash University in Melbourne and is undertaking a Bachelor of  Medicine.
Mornington Rotary Stalwarts , Ted Morre & Ian Horton &  Ms Molly King
 Miss Molly King
Last Wednesday evening at our Clubs ZOOM online meeting we were very fortunate to have Miss Molly King as our Guest Speaker. Molly is our Club’s current recipient of an Australian Rotary Health Scholarship (ARH) and specifically the Indigenous Health Scholarship 2020..
Molly’s heritage on her Father’s branch of the family go way back to when her Grandmother who was one of the many Stolen Generation, who was along with many from her indigenous communities, within the Jawoyn Culture, of the Northern Territory, were forcibly removed and placed in mission institutions.
Molly conveyed to us that during her teens years she meet with her biological uncle Robbie for the first time and witnessed the life he has created under great difficulties. This was a turning point in her life. In Molly’s words “ from that moment, I was completely inspired and understood that the key to my own happiness was also working to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians”.
Molly is currently in her second year of a five-year course, at Monash University, VIC, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Medicine. Since leaving secondary school Molly undertook a course in Pharmaceutical Studies in 2017 and these studies has lead Molly to her current career pathway. At the moment along with many of her peers her studies have been somewhat impacted by the current COVID restrictions and this finds Molly back at home with her Mother and sister in Launceston TAS. Aside from the rigorous demands of studying for a medical degree Molly has a passion for bushwalking and hiking and also has an interest in the Piano.
Molly’s contact with ARH came via one of her mentors at Uni and her Grandfather was once a Rotarian. Molly had heard about Rotary and through some research and investigation applied for the Scholarship.
Throughout Molly’s presentation she spoke, very passionately about her connection with her First Nations direct family connection and her strong desire to contribute to the desperate situation that many remote Indigenous communities suffer due to the lack of medical support and services.
Molly’s presentation was so inspiring and it was a real pleasure to be part of it and listen to Molly speaks to our members.
This one brief article only captures a very small snapshot of a very interesting and comprehensive bio on Molly pertaining to her life’s passion in serving and providing for our Indigenous people’s
After Molly’s presentation, last week, I logged onto Australian Rotary Health, and took time to read her full Bio. I would thoroughly recommend to all our members to take time out and Log-on as per the link and have a read of a great article.
On behalf of all the members from The Rotary Club of Mornington we would like to extend a very big thank you for your presentation and to say that we are all very proud to have Molly as our recipient of the ARH Indigenous Scholarship in 2020. We all look forward to being able to meet Molly, on a more personal basis, at a Club Meeting, in the near future.