2019/2020 Mornington Rotary - Club Changeover Dinner


The Club's Annual Changeover Dinner was successfully held at Brooklands of Mornington with 50 people in attendance. The Board for the new year, (photographed)  were welcomed and include (left to right), Ross Kilborn, President, Libby Paterson, Past President, Ian Horton, Secretary, John Parkinson, Treasurer, Peter Jay, Community & Vocational, John Renowden, Art Show & Youth, Brian Mann, Public Image, Richard Vautier, International & Foundation and Eileen Prudden, Club Business and Social. 



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Recognition of Australian Rotary Health

A highlight of the Club's Annual Changeover night was the visit of the Chair of Australian Rotary Health, Greg Ross, to present recognition to Don Gordon, a President of the Club in the early 1980's, for his role in leading in the formation of Australian Rotary Health. ARH has subsequently gone on to raise $46 million fro medical research, with its emphasis since the early 2000's being mental health. Six members of the club at the time of the formation were present,  (photograph L to R) Darryl Chambers, Milton Green, Don Gordon, Ted Moore, Ken Bilham and Ian Prudden.


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The President of the Rotary Club of Mornington, Libby Paterson,  was pleased to present the CEO of the Bays Hospital, Ellena Allen, a cheque for $25,000 to purchase a new Intensive Care Unit bed, to coincide with the opening of the new Critical Care Unit at the Bays.  Funding for the bed was raised through a number of club activities including the Mornington Annual Art Show held each January. 
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Our 2019 Art Show was our most successful yet. We have just finalised the dates for our 2020 Mornington Art Show. Opening night will be on Thursday January 16 and the final sales day will be Australia Day, January 26..

For more information about the Art Show please go to www.morningtonartshow.com.au.


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