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Jan 05, 2022
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 21st Nov 2021, Vol No 75, Issue No 21
21st Nov 2021
Club Meetings- Last Week - AGM

In accordance with requirements of all professional and volunteer institutions, we The Rotary Club of Mornington, conducted our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th Nov 21, at The Mornington Hotel. As with AGM's the process was given its due processes and all agenda items were presented, moved and seconded in a timely manner. The main items of business being the Presidents Report which was tabled by our current President on behalf of Ross Kilborn, the Trasureres Report presented by our immediate Past Treauerer, John Parkinson, whereby he also provided a very brief overview of the Club's financial appointed Auditor's report. The main item of AGM Business was the appointment of the Club's Executive Board for the upcoming 2022-2023 Rotary Year. Contained within this Bulletin's Issue, so as not to "double up" is a detailed account of the process and subsequent appointment of our newly re-elected Board Members, that being our Club President: Brian Mann, Club Secretary: Ian Horton and Club Treasurer: Eileen Prudden. The evening also saw the President read out a few letters of appreciation in regards to our Clubs involvement in ARH from the Western Australian ARH team and also a very big thanks from our own Mornington Primary School for the donation we made in respect to their Literature Program. One highlight of the evening was to welcome back Dennis Corke to our meetings. Dennis was meet with a warm round of accolades and applause after being" away from us for some time " and was very deserving of this welcome back acceptance.


Upcoming Community Events

Over the next few weeks we will be " out and about" with three local Community Events. We will be "cooking up a feast" at another Bunnings BBQ on Friday 03rd Dec 21, and already our BBQ Team Captain, David Lancashire is on the hustings securing members for the three shifts, so if you haven't been approached by David , don't wait out please step up and call David to have your name added to the list. This coming weekend, both Sat 27th Nov 21 and also Sun 28th Nov 21 , for a few hours, we have ben offered the opportunity to " man a stall" once again at Bunnings to hand out free Popcorn. This small but very tasty event will provide us the opportunity to advertise our Club with a visual presentation, and a big thanks to both Eileen Prudden and Jo Davie who have volunteered to help out, but please consider that if you are around on one of these days , drop in and maybe lend a hand or just be there as a presence for Mornington Rotary.


Club Meeting - Guest Speaker - Wed 24th Nov 21

At Club Meeting this coming Wednesday evening will be see the return of our first Guest Speaker for some time. Mr John Hall, the husband of our own Club Member, Pam Hall, will be talking all matters legal. John mediates in the following areas: Family Law matters (property and combined property and children) Estate matters (Part IV - TFM, contested wills etc) Building and Construction matters (All aspects – Builder/client; Developer/Builder; Builder/sub-contractor (and any other possible combinations). This should prove to be a very interesting presentation and it is also of note that John has some experience in the world of sailing, so we are looking to hear the Legal and possible seafaring side.

Art Show - Sponsorship
With only a few weeks to go before we take that family Christmas & New Year recess, things are moving along at a fast rate in regards to the Art Show. The most important item of note with the Art Show is of course The Artists, and a very close second to the Artist's is our Sponsorship which is being headed up by John Parkinson. At last weeks meeting a number of questions and inquiries were asked by a few members in regards to this important facet of the Art Show and the matter pertaining the sponsorship was discussed.  As John announced " we cannot ever have enough sponsors so if you have any Business and/or Orgainsation in mind please let me know" . To ensure there is "no doubling up" for current and also potential sponsors it is important to communicate this to John who is our Art Show Sponsorship Team Leader. It is very strongly encouraged that every Club Member to be proactive and be out there " chasing up sponsors" . Well done John and keep the great work going in this task. BZ
This week will see two special occasions take place for the one family in that Peter Huels will celebrate his Birthday this coming week on Friday 26th Nov 21, and also Both Peter and Nadine have jus yesterday (Sunday 20th Nov 21) celebrated their Wedding Anniversary, well done to Peter and Nadine and on behalf of our President, The Clubs Board all our Club Members and partners congratulations of these two special events. 
Presidents Report - 21st Nov 21
Good afternoon to all,
AGM - Club Meeting
On Wednesday of last week our Club conducted it’s Annual General Meeting. There were 22 members in attendance and from all reports I have received the meeting was conducted in an efficient and timely manner. A wise man once told me that AGM’s should be like a visit to the Dentist “ quick and painless”. With the many tasks a President is required to undertake, one of great importance is that of ensuring that the Club has a strong leadership base of both Board and Chair position’s. Over the past few months I have, as part of our Clubs succession plan, been in constant in contact with all our current Elected Club Officers seeking their stance on where they see themselves in relation to their current position and future possible management positions into the 2022 – 2023 Rotary Year. From this there was one very important issue that was discussed being the restrictive events in all our lives over the past six months and the subsequent flow on effect that this has had on all Volunteer Organisations. As a result of all these restriction’s and the somewhat inability to get out literally into the Community the overwhelming response from the Executive Board members when affording them the opportunity to continue on into next year, in representing our Club, was indeed very positive. On Wednesday evening I was pleased to announce and nominate the Club’s Executive positions for the Rotary Year 2022 to 2023, which will see no change from the current incumbents and as your President, I have after tabling my ability and subsequent nomination to serve another year, was re- elected, with a majority of acceptance from the floor. 
Along with the Club’s Executive Board, as the requirement to of all Rotary Clubs to have a succession plan in place, for all Club positions, the current elected Committee Chairs have all indicated their willingness (albeit for unforseen circumstances) to continue on and into the 2022- 2023 Rotary Year.
The appointment of most of our Club Officials to be re-instated/elected for a second subsequent year of office may be a change from the usual way of “doing business’ that many Rotarians are a custom to, but since my time in Rotary over the past four years there appears to be change in attitude which is now leaning towards a more flexible and diverse approach to the way we do business, how we conduct our internal club affairs, the way Rotary “advertises itself” with Public Image and the world of IT. 
 The one advantage that many of my Rotary colleagues within district, have expressed is that a second year in office affords the club and the members the ability to continue and with a “flow over effect“ of projects, plans, events and also offers the opportunity to form stable management processes.
I would like to extend a very big thanks of appreciation to all of our Club’s Elected Officers, in the tremendous support, due dillingess and personal efforts that they have provided to me and all our members over the past six months and as we move “ out of our restrictive life “ we are all looking forward to “ getting our hands dirty once again” for another six months, and beyond.
Letters/ Acknowledgement of Appreciation
Over the past few weeks via our Club Secretary I have received a number of items of correspondence in regards to our Club’s involvement and contribution’s to ongoing projects and events. From the ARH, Western Australian Team, we received a formal letter of appreciation in which they acknowledged and praised The Rotary Club of Mornington as quoted for: initiating ARH and the commitment for bringing this great Research Foundation about “. This is another great example of Rotary’s appreciation of what our club and the special members, of the time, some 40yrs ago have founded. We also received a letter of appreciation from Suzie Keil on behalf of The Mornington Primary School, for our sponsorship, in part, of the donation we provided to enable the School to purchase the Literature Program, The Science of Reading Approach. Once again our club should be very proud of its ability to assist in the very, very important avenue of providing the younger member’s of our community with a valuable source of learning to hopefully enhance their education
NADC – Australia Day Council
As announced at last weeks meeting we, that being The Peninsula Rotary Cluster Clubs, has once again been offered to apply for the 2022 Australia Day Council Grants to conduct community activities on this special day. But alas as the adage goes “a weeks a long time in politics” and it now appears that the Grant to our Peninsula Cluster is “now off the table“. These grants came with a number of caveats’ and the major change form last year was that the funding on offer for 2022 Aus. Day was to forecast and subsequently spend a “minimum of $10k. Without going into too much detail, one of the Peninsula Cluster Clubs thru no fault of their commitment and obligations, in working in collaboration with a fellow community Organisation has, unfortunately had to withdraw from the funding process, which now all but basically puts an end to the approval grants process. Our current ADG Peninsula, Peter Rawlings is working away at great haste, to see if there is any possibility of the remaining Clubs are still able to receive their proposed grant and we will have to wait out to see what happens from here.
Presidents - Leave of Absence
With the now new found freedoms were are all experiencing , I find my self in much need of a brief break from Rotary duties, so as a courtesy to inform all ,
Immediately after our upcoming Club Meeting this Wednesday evening, the 24th Nov 21, I will be away for about five days visiting family ,and will not be " back in town "until very late on Sunday 28th Nov 21. The area within the Upper Murray in NE Vic has very, very poor TELSTRA coverage so I will " be out of range "apart from sending smoke signals !! for the five days. Should there be a need to conduct any matters of Club Business (and with Ross also away) the POC will be our Club Secretary, Ian Horton.
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