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 30th March 2021, Volume No 74,  Issue No 36
From the Editor

Good evening to all my fellow Mornington Rotarians and their Partners. I hope all is well and you are happy and healthy and staying out of trouble. There has not been a great deal of news or items of substantial note to report on this week aside from a very, very successful Bunning's BBQ on Sunday just gone. A very big thanks from all those who helped out and as David , our BBQ Team Leader, had to make about three trips to the shops throughout the day to re-stock the victuals one can only presume that we ' made a tidy sum " from the day. Once the figures have been calculated we should get a specific $ amount from young John Parkinson.

On a more serious note I hope that if you have been planning a holiday over the Easter break to the sunny Brisbane and surrounds region that the latest outbreak does not adversely effect your travel plans and expenses. Lets hope that the mini lockdown/s will make it safe for all those up in Brisbane.  

On a weather/ time zone note with the six monthly " change-over " of Daylight Saving, don't forget to move your clock back one hour this coming Sunday. 


Well I'm just wondering if John Renowden might have some inside contacts within the AFL, or just some good research and analysis or just good luck with the dart board ?, but once again he has nearly made a clean sweep of Round No 2 tips, well done John, and also George- Ann, who is close on his heels in second spot.

Danny Frawley - RIP

Club Meeting - Last Week: Board Meeting

At our Club Meeting, last week we conducted our six weekly Board Meeting. As usual there were many items tabled for discussion and deliberation. With out going into to much detail and for the sake of " doubling up " this weeks Presidents Report provides all with a very concise overview of the items promulgated. Should you wish to read the full Board Meeting Minutes, I will be (tomorrow) placing them into our Club's Website Home Page within the Members Only Tab.


Our Next Club Meeting - Wed 30th March 2021 - Mornington Hotel

As per my quick e-mail just sent out earlier this evening, at this weeks upcoming Club Meeting will be hosting a very interesting Guest Speaker , that being  Mr Graham Jones, a local Architect and Artist. Graham is an enthusiastic speaker who has an interesting life.  Last week when a few of us gathered for a short walk at Gateway Park, Graham and his wife stopped and had brief chat about all things Mornington. From what I saw and heard Graham is certainly a bit of extrovert and a really nice gent, so tomorrow night should be a another great Club Meeting.

 It is a night that both members and partners will enjoy, so it’s a semi social night. As Eileen is away please let Ross and/or Brian know if you cannot make, and also how many extra guest/s you might like to bring along See you there.


Birthdays/ Anniversaries

Today, Tuesday 30th March, we acknowledge the Birthday of one our Club's younger member's in Rob Birt.  To Rob on behalf of our Club President, The Board all our Members and their Partners, we wish you a very big Happy Birthday, with many more to come.


Upcoming ANZAC Day Celebrations

As we were all to aware of , last year saw a great number of time honoured traditional Celebrations and Ceremonies cancelled due to COVID. One of the cancelled ceremonies was a very , very special ocassionthat being our countries ANZAC Day. With a bit of luck on our side down here in Melbourne and lets keep our fingers crossed we can get to together , either at the Dawn and/or the 1000h ceremonies/ observance events to be held on Sunday 25th April 2021.  The Mornington Secondary College (MSC) will this year conduct their ANZAC Day Ceremony , within the grounds of the College.

So if you are free on Friday 23rd April 2021, mid morning, please come along to the MSC and join in the commemoration ceremony. I have been attending the College's ceremony for some six years now and they " do a great job ".  All the specific details weir be presented  (timings / dress code, specific location, etc ) at next weeks club meeting.


Presidents Report  -   30th March  2021

This week we have a guest speaker – Graham Jones, a local Architect and Artist. Graham is an enthusiastic speaker who has an interesting life. . It is a night that partners will enjoy, so it’s a semi social night. As Eileen is away please let me know if you cannot make it or how many extras you are bringing. 

Bunnings BBQ Many thanks to all the members who helped on Sunday.
We had a Board meeting last week. The Board recommends the following to members for consideration at this week’s meeting
  • The Ranch Motel – a donation of $7500. They already have 8 guests for their 13 rooms. Their first 6 months, for which they have a lease, and which covers our winter, has a set up and operating cost of nearly $45k. It will run until the developer has building approval, subject to funding. 
  • Fusion bathroom project a contribution of $20k towards this. There are some delays in Council approving the build which puts our District Grant of $5k at risk for this year. We could apply next if this fails, but it would be on top of the club’s $20k.
  • The Roof on the Long Table a total contribution of $20k towards this. This is an increase of $5k on the previously earmarked $15k. Combined with the initial $5k grant from Council, a further $5k from Council, and $15k from Greg Hunt’s Strengthening Communities Program (tbc) the total is $45k which enables completion of it.  
If you have any questions on these please contact me, or a Board member prior to the meeting. 
Other Board matters 
  • Men’s Shed –we are awaiting an update from the Mens Shed request for some funding towards the completion of a boat they want to donate to the Sea Scouts. 
  • International and Foundation Committee are developing a project plan and budget for recommendation before the end of the financial year.
  • Youth Committee resume their Quarterly breakfast meetings with Mornington Secondary College this week. 
Back to Rotary you may recall that last year we tried to organise a back to Mornington Rotary night with all past members. Due to COVID we deferred it until this year. We have now decided it would be more appropriate to do it next year – our 75th ! (also this year we have  Australian Rotary Health’s fortieth and the Art Show’s fiftieth) . Brian is going to be “President for Parties”. 
Anzac Day Mornington RSL is looking for volunteers to help with this years Dawn and Morning Services. Please let me know if you can help.
District Conference May 1 you should have received a separate email on this – an afternoon session and evening meal. Some members are going,  so maybe put it in your diary and we will work out the details closer. 
New Peninsula Community Caring / Private Rental Assistance Scheme. We are still working with NPPC on ways to help them extend their service – sustainably.   
Rotary Australia Centenary and the Bay Trail. The working group had another meeting with Council on Friday. Progress is being made. There is a detailed working meeting after Easter on potential club projects and sites.
Cluster Presidents Meeting. The Cluster Presidents quarterly meeting on Sunday was deferred until April 11 due to the District 9820 Gumbuya Park family day.   



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