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15th September 2020, Volume No 74,  Issue No 12
From the Editor
Good afternoon to my fellow Rotarians, I hope you and your partners and families are all well and in good health. As the weather is now on the improve and I communicate with family, friends and my fellow Rotarians I am finding that we are nearly there !!! Yes there seems to be an air of positive optimistic that we may be back to normal in the very near future.  For those of you that follow Aussie Rules we are getting closer to " the pointy end " with finals, albeit in a very, very different format, just around the corner. For my team, well you never know we just might get there, heres hoping ?? , but if your team is in the final mix then all the best to.
Interesting Facts or Not  ????
Well you can tell when your getting bored, especially in our current ' at home arrangements", when you open up the computer and start looking at stats, numbers and dates etc, but here goes;
 The Rotary Club of Mornington, as at this year, has a total of 1863 yrs of age of our combined members which equates to an average age of 71yrs old !!! and we have a combined total of 436yrs of service in Rotary which equates to an average length of experience of 16.7 yrs. Now does that make us very old but very smart ??
or young and not too bright  ?? 
Guest Speaker - Mr Ian Johnson
Our Guest Speaker from last Wednesdays online Club ZOOM Meeting was Mr Ian Johnson, who is one of the Directors of the Tanti Park Social Enterprises LTD (TPSE).
TPSE is a registered charity providing support and essential and vital services for the area of Tanti Park within Mornington Some of the names of the linked organisation’s to TPSE such as JIGSAW, HomesGround are familiar to some of our members and Ian’s presentation provided us with a great breakdown of the services individually and also as a ‘whole entity ‘, and their functions and aims.
Some 20 years ago a group of community minded ladies within the area formed a volunteer group with the view to provide support for families in need within the Tanti Park community. The name JIGSAW came from within, being the participants and families who were recipients of the 
program named the service based on their own diverse cultural, financial, social and family problems and challenges. This created a sense of ownership that still continues today and is providing such services as food hampers, cooked hot meals, family guidance, substance abuse counselling, mentoring sessions for young adolescents and many more vital community services. The Tanti Park Community contains, in a very small geographical area, some 2,200 residents. With such large numbers in a small area JIGSAW certainly has its hands full.
Ian explained that one of the problems that JIGSAW strive to overcome with its clients and subsequently its vision is to “ see the cycles of generations of poverty broken”. One of the main challenges that JIGSAW encounters is the terrible affliction that substance abuse has on the families and the individuals. 
In its formative years and up until some three years ago the services where located in a space within the local shops situated on Robertson Drive. The space was created for a”drop in centre“ where residents could just pop in have a chat, a cuppa and seek advice and support ‘ and these services continues to-date. 
With a vision to expand and provide more services to the Tanti Park neighbourhood, Ian along with his support volunteer’s looked at expanding and providing a place not only for a drop in centre but also to provide residents a place where they could find, experience and source a means to gainful employment hopefully leading to an ethos of raising their self esteem, a basic cornerstone of ones character.
From this TPSE, LTD was formed and the result of this was it provided the capability to operate the centre as a business in what we now know as The HomeGround’s Café’. This Café now offers a raft of services from a coffee eat-in or take away establishment, still provides a drop-in centre for those in need of support, and now has encompassed a Training Facility. With the current Lockdown Restrictions the Café is playing a vital role in the production of hot cooked meals for the local neighbourhood.
To quote from the Café’s website:
“ HomeGround’s mission is to support young people and create community and belonging in its local neighbourhood and the wider Mornington Peninsula region. We also sling top notch Commonfolk coffees and make great food too!”
The three keys area’s the HomesGround focus on are 
  1. to provide vocational training and employment pathways for young people who are struggling to get a fair go!
  2. Creating a place to call home! We want our community to be part of creating a 'third place' in our local neighbourhood.
  3. Providing education and connection around healthier food and access to local foods and community meals
TPSE also have a connection to another one of our communities’ great volunteer organisations in FUSION. This association came about when thru state Regulations the then OP Shop located next door to HomesGround could not continue to operate in its current form and thru the efforts of TPSE the Op Shop is now operated by FUSION, which supports this wonderful organisation and the flow on provides staffing and funds to assist in their aims and outcomes.
This article only provides a snap-shop of the vast array of support services that TPSE provides to the Tanti neighbourhood and Ian’s presentation provided a lot more information that our members found very informative and inspiring, for what they do for those in need.  A very big thanks to Ian and all the members of TPSE. Well done and keep the great work going.
As a footnote the Café, under the current Lockdown Restrictions, is still open as takeaway only daily between 7;00 & 2;00pm
My Isolation Project
This weeks Isolation Project comes from our very own Bulletin Editor, yes I have another isolation project further to the Fern Garden area that my wife  and I planted during the first of our Lockdown's.  This Isolation Project has been some many, many years in the planning and has only taken a few short weeks, some six to come to fruition. Jenny's Art Studio, which she has named " bellissimo galleria d'arte ".  Its just been completed, last week, and its pretty void of art at the moment, but I'm sure that will come.
From what was once a double garage to now a fully contained two room condominium, complete with Studio, Workshop and mini Kitchen.
Next Meeting 
Our Club's next Meeting is scheduled , via ZOOM , for tomorrow evening , Wednesday 16th September 2020 commencing at 6:00pm. Each of our Committee Chairs will give an update on what their Committees are talking about, and possible projects for the next 18 months. Your feedback and comments will be valuable.
So if your free please log-on, accompanied by a fine aged glass of Red, and join in.
Meeting ID: 927 056 436      Password: 294331
President’s Report – 15th September 2020
Upcoming meetings 
This week (Sept 16) on Zoom at 6pm.
Meeting ID: 927 056 436  Password: 294331
Each of our Committee Chairs will give an update on what their Committees are talking about, and possible projects for the next 18 months. Your feedback and comments will be valuable for the Board meeting the following week, the 23rd.
Our Meeting on the 30th is a Social Night…. details to come. …but please ask your partners to put it in their diary.  
Thanks to Ian Johnson from Jigsaw, Tanti Social Enterprises and HomeGround for being our guest speaker last week. I won’t duplicate the Editors report other than recalling the three things Ian said the Mornington Community could help with.
  1. Volunteer time 
  2. Funding 
  1. Awareness and recognition of the value and success of breaking the cycle.
District 9705 Membership Forum
One of the advantages of Rotary moving on line is the ability to go to Forums & Meetings all over the country (and world) without spending time travelling. I have been to a few Membership Forums conducted by District 9705, which I think is somewhere west of Canberra. Over 100 people including some from NZ attended last week to hear their District Governor Nominee Geraldine Rurenga talk about the expectations of millenials of Rotary. Being one herself (age 20 -35 ?) she was well qualified to talk about it. 
Zone 8 Conference this weekend. 
You should all have invitations to the what was to be Alice Springs Conference, this weekend. It is free and condensed to two 90-minute sessions at 11.30 on Sat & Sun.
Details at
Cluster Presidents meeting this Sunday. 
This Sunday I am attending a Cluster Presidents meeting – will update you next week of anything arising. 
District Showcase Sunday 27 – afternoon.  
I understand that you will shortly receive an invitation to a session that features some of the projects clubs in the District are undertaking. 
Mornington Community Information Centre.
Stuart’s daughter, Michaela, who is studying film & television, has produced this excellent 5 min video documentary that provides a great insight into their fresh food distribution program.
Upcoming in October 
Two important Rotary events, Lift the Lid (10th) and International Polio Day (24th). Please let me know of any thoughts you have to celebrate and raise funds for these two important causes. Lift the Lid is traditionally celebrated with wearing funny hats and you have probably seen the promotion of this on Facebook etc.
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook