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29th September 2020, Volume No 74,  Issue No 14
From the Editor
Good afternoon to my fellow Rotarians, I hope both you and your partners and families are all well and in good health. With a new day comes some good news, we are getting back a bit more of our freedom, so to speak, and as we progress along the road towards the end of Lockdown , I'm sure that I speak for all of us, in that I can't wait to see everyone face to face, have good old fashioned chin wag, a wine or two and just enjoy one another's company and hopefully this coming Christmas will be a very special one. Last week we had our Clubs Board Meeting and the week before this we meet, via ZOOM to discuss, ponder and deliberate on a number of club issues, so in this weeks Bulletin the focus will be one of a Social and Club History aspect.

Rotary Club of Mornington - Inaugural President - Sir William Leggatt, DSO-MC
In my investigations of the many events of our Club and searching thru a vast array of articles and documents I thought it prudent to delve back into our past and present a story about our Inaugural President; Sir William (Bill) Leggatt.
Sir William Watt (Bill) Leggatt was born in December 1894 on Malekula Island (Vanuatu) the eldest child of Thomas and Margaret Leggatt, missionaries from Scotland. Bill received his early education in Vanuatu and after the family moved to Melbourne he entered Geelong College and Ormond College to study ministry. This career was cut short with the advent of WW1.
Bill joined the AIF and was sent to the Western Front. In the months following Bill received his Commission. He was wounded in the Battle at Villers- Bretonneux which resulted in his return to Melbourne and subsequently his termination from the AIF.
Upon his return to Melbourne Bill he re-entered University and pursed a career in Law rather than Theology. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1921 and in 1926 he moved to Mornington, which remained his home. In September of 1926, Bill married Dorothy Meares Andrews, a School teacher, and his Father, a Minister conducted the service.
With the commencement of WWII, once again Bill found himself re-enlisted in the AIF and he was appointed the rank of Major. Throughout the war Bill served in Rabaul PG and Timor. As a result of overwhelming Japanese forces Bill along with his many of his fellow soldiers surrendered which resulted in many, many months of internment in POW camp’s. In 1942 Bill along with his fellow Officers were taken from Java to the Changi POW Camp in Singapore where he saw out the remainder of the War
After the war and upon his return to Melbourne Bill once again pursed his chosen career as a solicitor, which saw him admitted to the Bar.  In 1947 he won the seat of Mornington in the Victorian Legislative Assembly for the Liberal Party. In his Political career he served under Henry Bolte’s government and held the Portfolio’s of Education and Immigration. Bill resigned from parliament in 1956 to become Victorian Agent General in London. He was knighted in 1957. Retiring to his hometown of Mornington, Sir William passed away on the 27th November 1968 in the Repatriation General Hospital in Heidelberg; he was accorded a State Funeral. His wife and two sons survived him.
This article presents only a very brief snapshot of this gentleman’s remarkable career and life, and there were so many more notable achievements in Sir Williams’s life.
The Rotary Club of Mornington can be justifiably proud to have such an honoured and highly respected member of the community as the Inaugural President of our Club. 
Club Social Evening - Dinner & Quiz - Wednesday 30th Sep 2020
Tomorrow evening will see us as a club, partners, wife's, girlfriends, family and the our pets, who have been " walked till their paws are nearly dropping off ' !!! are all getting together for a Social Night, a great meal accompanied by some fine wine and to top it all off we will participating in a brief segment of a Trivia Quiz hosted by a Mystery Presenter !!!  For the first time in what seems to be literally be months we can come together to chat, socialise, laugh and enjoy !! 
So if your up for a fine meal and a bit of a  "Brain Strain",  I've been told the questions are very easy and lots of fun so please join in and log on :

Meeting ID: 927 056 436      Password: 294331
Birthdays/ Anniversaries 

This week we acknowledge the Birthday of Jennifer Mann, on Wednesday 30th Sep 2020.
On behalf of our President Ross, The Board, all our Members and their Partners we wish to extend a very big Happy Birthday wish to Jenny on your special day. 
Well done Jenny and we all wish you the best of happiness and health.
President’s Report – 15th September 2020
Upcoming meetings 
This week’s meeting is a Social Meeting and partners are encouraged to attend on Zoom, at 6pm . Meeting ID: 927 056 436  Password: 294331
At 6pm our Quiz Host (Lyn) will kick off with a Quick 45 minute Quiz. Then we can join one another for dinner and a drink (if you didn’t order from the Golf Club last week – sorry, please just bring your own). Thanks again Joe for organising this and delivering!. 
Don’t forget that on Wednesday October 7th we have our past Australian Rotary Health PHD Scholarship Holder, Bevan Main, speaking to us from the USA, but at 8pm NOT the usual 6pm. Partners also welcome. Given that it is a few days before Lift the Lid Day, we are inviting everyone to contribute $20 on the night. And anyone who does not wear a hat, well maybe they can donate more
The Board Meeting Report 
You should receive the Minutes shortly. There was nothing major that had not been discussed at the previous week’s club meeting. We did agree to put the proposal to members at our meeting on October 7 to formally approve the investment in another Australian Rotary Health PHD Scholarship. 
“That the club approves another Australian Rotary Health PHD Scholarship, this time for research into bowel cancer.  This involves a financial commitment of $12k pa for 3 years, (possibly 3.5) so a total of $36k (possibly $42k). It is likely to start in the 2021-22 year. Ross Kilborn has committed to contribute 50% of this, on the understanding that the Scholarship is called the Mornington Rotary Club – Reg Kilborn PHD Scholarship, in memory of his father who died of this disease. He encourages other members to make a direct contribution. The balance will be funded from Club Project funds”.  
Kid’s Hope 
Recall our guest speaker a couple of weeks ago, Ian Johns, mentioned the opportunity to get involved with mentoring kids. Here is more information and an invitation from Tim Costello to get involved. encourage you to share this with friends and family.
End Trachoma 
I heard last week from Peter Rogers at the Rotary Club of Melbourne, regarding their Centenary Project to end Trachoma. You will be pleased to hear that the Mk2 interactive water trailer, that we contributed to last year, has been  launched in Darwin and handed over to the Katherine West Health Board. There was coverage in the "Katherine Times" see below.
Zone 8 Conference – Report on the Sunday Sessions. 
I did watch the recording of the Sunday sessions and you can too at 
In summary it was even better than the Saturday sessions. Speakers included Jennifer Jones (future RI President) on her views of “modern Rotary”, based on traditional values of service and fellowship, and Barry Rassen Foundation Trustee, on why the Rotary Foundation is one of the world’s best humanitarian organisations. So far it’s contributed $29m by “pivoting”  to the battle against COVID.
Mike McGovern (past RI VP and Polio Plus Chair) was excellent on the status and success of the program. Did you know that 19m people are alive or walking because of it ? Type 2 & 3 Polio has been eliminated and Type 1 (wild) only continues in 2 countries. A total of $2B has been invested by partner organisations and each year Rotary contributes $50m, matched by Gates Foundation $100m. Similarly a presentation on Foundation in Australia reinforced the investment made in Drought, and Fire relief in the last 18m.
Upcoming in October 
Two important Rotary events, Lift the Lid (10th) and International Polio Day (24th). As you will have read above we will celebrate Lift the Lid on Oct 7th and we will recognise Polio Plus at our meeting on the 21st
With our meetings we will be sharing the Chairing, with Victor hosting Bevan on the 7th, John R hosting a guest speaker on Blaze Aid on the 14th and Richard hosting the 21st on International / Foundation.
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook