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Aug 01, 2020 6:00 PM
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21st July 2020, Volume No 74,  Issue No 3
21st  July 2020 Bulletin
From the Editor
Good morning my fellow Rotarians, not a great deal to report from the Editor's desk this past week. With the new lockdown restrictions waylaying our get togethers for some time all our much anticipated social and community events are once again on hold, thank goodness we have ZOOM to keep us all in touch. Having said that, our President Ross has provided a comprehensive list, with the associated Website Links, in his report this week, for the 9820 District Avenues of Service on-line tutorials. So with the current restrictions and weather constraints this might be a good time to log on and undertake whatever interests you within our Rotary Web Based IT services.

An Isolation Project - Cont'd

Some many, many weeks ago when we all went into our first 'lockdown and the subsequent isolation environment" which saw some great contributions from within our members on their individual " Isolation Projects ". Well we have just had a major development to once again report on from the past, and in that I refer to the Ian Horton's marine vessel engineering project. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received an SMS, last night, from young Ian providing a range of pics and some wise words on his project " I have decided to call the HMS Bounty  finished. Its been pretty intense and how long is a piece of string, in other words its done !!!! "


The initial HMS Bounty construction, in dry dock, some 5 months ago, to:

The finished construction,  all ready for Captain Bligh and his crew.

Well done Ian, I must say your efforts, time and more importantly patience in taking on such time consuming and detailed isolation project are to be commended.



Next Club Meeting - Tomorrow Evening, 22nd July, via ZOOM

Tomorrow evening, being Wednesday 22nd July 2020 will not see our "regular on-line ZOOM Club Meeting, and this week we will have a very special Guest Speaker in Meet Molly King. If you may recall some weeks ago it was announced that Molly is our Indigenous Student that our club has sponsored through Australian Rotary Health.  I have had a sneak peek at Molly's Bio and I'm sure that this presentation should prove to be very enlightening and very informative. So please, if available don't miss our Guest Speaker tomorrow evening.

Meeting ID - 927 056 436 and the Password is - 294331


President's Update
President’s Report – July 20th 2020
Mornington Rotary has a team entered and we would like you to join us OR make a donation towards our target of raising $2500. I will donate $50 for every club member who sleeps in their car, in their tent or on the couch that night. And if you don’t want to do that - here is the link to donate to our team now !
Next two weeks speakers 
This week (22nd) on Zoom we have ‘Meet Molly King”. Recall Molly is the Indigenous Student we have sponsored for the first two years of her medical degree through Australian Rotary Health. It’s at 6pm at Meeting ID: 927 056 436  Password: 294331
The following week (29th) we hope to have Gemma and Caitlin from Fusion who will tell us more about Fusion and give us a virtual tour of their facility. Same time, same channel!
Ted & Philippa MooreI saw Ted last Friday when he was returning from the Bays, where Philippa had been readmitted for what he called another minor operation. He seemed optimistic about her recovery but expected her to be there for at least a few days.  
Zoom Meeting with Michael McQueen 
Last week I attended a District 9705 (NSW) webinar via Zoom. Michael is an acknowledged corporate Keynote Speaker and I felt fortunate to hear him speak, free of charge, through the Rotary network, and the now embraced Zoom technology. His topic – kick starting your organisation after the crisis. You can view it via the link on their District homepage. It was very good.
District 9820 Avenues of Service
Zoom also enabled the District Avenues of Service to be delivered on line and we heard from Judy about the sessions she attended. John R also attended the Youth session last Sunday and has some very comprehensive notes available if you are interested. You can also view any of the sessions via the District You Tube channel,   at any time as below. I think one of the benefits of this crisis is the availability of all this material so conveniently, though you do not get to meet other Rotarians and hear what other clubs are up to.  
District 9820 Assembly Session
Recording Link
Full Plenary Session
Guest Speaker Mark Huddleston: Creatures of Habit
Guest Speaker Trudy Grice: RI’s Online Resources
Guest Speaker Sam Camporeale: Rotary Foundation 
President Training
Secretary Training
Treasurer Training
Public Image
Community & Vocation
Insurance & Youth Protection
Youth Programs
Annual Report 
Our Annual Report for the last year is now complete and available on our Club’s Website, under the menu tab Members Only.  I now have some printed, for distribution when we can again meet. If you would like one sooner, email or call me and it will appear in your letterbox.
Please take the time to read it. I think all members should be very pleased and proud to be part of a club that has done so much in an unusual year. 
That Significant Community Project Search 
Yes, it’s still going strong, with a very productive meeting with Council last week, and another with Fusion that you will hear more about at our members meeting on the 29th
Cluster Presidents Meeting 
The Cluster Presidents met on Sunday. It was a chance to catch up on what everyone else is up to…..very similar to us it seems! It was chaired by new Assistant Governor, and Past Mount Martha President, Peter Rawlings. The major item of business was the endorsement of the Bay Trail as a joint Centenary Project, though the exact form of our involvement is to be determined. A working group has been formed to progress this. Can we have a volunteer please to represent Mornington?  
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook