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Club Meeting - Guest Speaker - Community House
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Jun 22, 2022
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Club Changeover Evening
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Jun 29, 2022
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Club Meeting - Members Bio Presentation
Mornington Hotel
Jul 06, 2022
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Club Meeting - Guest Speaker - TBA
Mornington Hotel
Jul 13, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting - Members BIO Presentation
Mornington Hotel
Jul 20, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Rotary 9820 District - DG Visit - Mr Paul Mee
Mornington Hotel
Jul 27, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Board Meeting
Mornington Hotel
Aug 03, 2022
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting - Guest Speaker - TBA
Mornington Hotel
Aug 10, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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June 14
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June 18
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14th June 2022, Vol No 75, Issue No 42
6th June 2022- Club Bulletin
From The Editor;
Good afternoon to all my fellow Mornington Rotary Club Member's and Partners. Reading thru as well as watching the local, State and National news items I may be reading things a bit " on the reverse side" or is it just me?, meaning, Interest rates are on the rise, certainly food is on the rise (don't even think about buying a Lettuce!!) both Mornington Peninsula Property and Beach Box Rates are on the rise, the Flu is certainly on the rise and very, very importantly Collingwood is on the rise, but has anyone told Mother Nature that the temperature is on the fall !!! Maybe we should head to the Kilborn's over the next few week and hold our Club Meeting within a more ambient environment. John Parkinson has been given the sack, as he must have "been born in a draft" close the damm door John !..
Club Meeting Last week:
Last week our Club had the pleasure to host as our very special Guest Speaker, Mr Michael Walker, the Manager of SEALITE, part of SPX Corporation (NYSE:SPXC) a technological leader in the design and manufacturer of Marine Aids to Navigation. Michael is the current Managing Director – Australia, Asia-Pacific, Middle east &responsible for ALL business functions across the entire Aviation, Marine & Digital Portfolios. Has been with Company (both the original & newly expanded one) for 15 years. Prior to this was in IT with Ericsson global tech company.
A Peninsula boy since 1980 & although he & his wife have travelled extensively for both work & leisure, Mt Eliza is very much home for them & their 2 boys. SeaLite was established way back in 1982 by Geoff Proctor, with aids to marine navigation – buoys, lanterns etc. started pretty much as a one man operation – now employs 100+ staff based in Somerville. The business has expanded extensively into Aviation – all aspects re safety & for aircraft navigation, runways, heliports, high rise building lighting etc.  
Digital technology has been a key aspect of their development, securing very great support from the US Defence Force, partic. in relation to Aviation lighting- emergency runways & set ups in trouble areas of the world.  Also, civilian aviation lighting is a large part of the business (eg Helipads for Frankston Hospital, Royal Melb & Childrens Hospital, Qld Health helipads), with solar power a key aspect of all their installations. 
The Company has recently merged with a large US Company . SPX Corporation, and forms a key segment of a multinational firm, especially in marine & aviation fields. The company continues to grow in all areas & Michael is very positive & passionate about the future of the companies growth here on the Peninsula. Michaels presentation was extremely informative and to see and hear how this once small " backyard " business first started and now has grown into a Multi Billion $$ Company was amazing
Club Change Over Function

RSVP's for our upcoming Club Change Over Function is just about to close at 6:00pm this afternoon , if you are still think about coming time is very very fast running out to RSVP. Should you wish to secure a seat/s for The Club Changeover Cocktail Function you will need to contact our Club's Secretary  ASAP - Ian Horton within the next two hours via SMS on 0412- 281534 or via e-mail at:

This Week Meeting: Board Meeting
Tomorrow evening - Wednesday 15th June 2022, will see our Club conduct a Board Meeting. So for all Club Members it will be night off, and one to stay indoors by the heater/fire, stay warm and safe with our last formal Club Meeting for the Rotary Year 2021- 2022 to take place next week at The Mornington Hotel on Wednesday evening the 22nd June 2022.
Club Welcome Desk Roster 
There have been a few minor changes to our Club's Events/ Social Calendar which has resulted in the ' flow on effect " to The Club Welcome Desk Roster please ensure you are aware of the date you have been allocated, over the coming weeks:
1.    Wed 22nd June 2022 -    Judy Benholz
2.    Wed 29th  June 2022 -   Club President
3.    Wed 06th July  2022  -   Steve Perera
4.    Wed 13th  July 2022  -   Jo Davie
5.    Wed 20th  July 2022  -   Marilyn Davis
6.    Wed 27th July  2022 -    John Parkinson
7.    Wed 03rd Aug 2022  -    Board Meeting
8.    Wed 10th Aug 2022  -    Peter Huels
Also it is important to remember if for any unforeseen circumstances you are unable to be there on your night, please contact a fellow Club Member to instigate a swap, thanks,
Birthdays/ Anniversaries
This coming week we acknowledge two Club Members celebrating their Birthdays. First off we have today Tuesday 14th June 2022, the Grand Old Man of Mornington Rotary, Peter Jay, see another Birthday flash by and on Saturday 18th June 2022 the beautiful Judy Seager will celebrate her Birthday. On behalf of the President The Board, all our Member's and parterres we wish you both a very happy Birthday, well done Peter and Judy
Presidents Report 
  •   Firstly, I would like to, on a personal level, wish to extend a very big thanks to my fellow    Board Members and a number of Club Members who over the past two weeks sent me thru well wishes with my recent bout of Influenza. I would also like to extend a very big thanks to the Board for your ability to” fill in at short notice” and a special note of thanks to our Club Secretary, Ian, who without hesitation took over my duties and did a sterling job, this was very much appreciate
  • In regards to Membership, as highlighted above, I have received a phone call from Brodie Lynch from Nicholas Lynch Real Estate, one of our key Sponsor’s who has informed me that Nicholas Lynch will be “stepping away from the company” and that Brodie is keen to instigate Club Membership. As discussed with Ross who is away on holidays, I have arranged a meeting to converse Brodies potential membership and also ongoing Financial Sponsorship arrangements, this coming Wednesday afternoon.
  • With the Peninsula Cluster President Elect’s and ongoing current sitting Presidents please find as detailed below the contact details:
Dromana:                             Greg Fitzgerald
      Hastings Western Port:       Eric McKenzie (continuing)
Mornington:                         Brian Mann (continuing)
      Mount Eliza:                        John Welsh
Mount Martha:                    Bill Branthwaite
      Rosebud – Rye:                  PDG Philip Hedley
Somerville – Tyabb:           Dick Cox OAM
      Sorrento:                             Brian Stacey
District Governor:              DG Paul Mee
  • Our new Club Computer/ Laptop has been purchased and is now “set-up” and ready to be utilised. I have requested x 2 e-mail accounts which will enable both Board and Club Member’s and also communication for The Art Show, at all levels direct to our Club, rather than via members personal e-mail accounts. This may prove valuable with Art Show communication.  The two accounts are:
 I intend to present the new Computer to Jo Davie, upon her return from holidays, who will be working closely in partnership with Meredith Horton for the 2023 Art Show.
  • Victor Sullivan has informed me that The Club’s 25yr History Book is being published a will be ready to be presented to all Club Members at our 2022 Change Over Function on Wed 29th June 2022
  • As you are most likely aware by now, I have instigated a Guest Speakers Team consisting of Peter Jay, John Parkinson, Joe Siragusa and Ken Bilham, who are currently working away at securing upcoming Speakers for Club Meeting’s, also as a need to ensure that all Club Members have a task and a subsequently a contribution to Club business, I have instigated a Welcome Desk Duty Member Roster. More to follow, watch this space, as a healthy Club is one where all members are actively involved 
  • At my last face to face meeting some two weeks ago I announced the pending appointment of a new Board Member. For those who may have missed this item, Ross Kilborn has taken a leave of absence being that physically away from Mornington Rotary, which now sees him and Lyn in QLD for an extended stay most likely until late Sep 2022. Some two months ago, prior to Ross’ recent departure, he informed me of his travel intentions and subsequent to this also his decision to step down from our Club’s Community Chair, but still maintain the role of Membership Chair. After many weeks of discussion and negotiations’ and with the affirmative consensus of the current Board, it is very pleasing to announce that effective as of 01st July 2022 that Cameron Guymer will undertake the role of Community Chair. For those members who were present at last week’s Members Bio Presentation and listened to Cameron’s extensive Business, life skills and career background to say the very least WOW, certainly his vast underpinning knowledge and experience should prove a very valuable asset to both the Club’s Board and our Club generally. Our current and future Board moving into 2022-2023 has a great mix of gender, age and new members accompanied with the old man of Mt Martha and his vast Rotary knowledge, who will keep us on an even keel, all working together to provide strong leadership for our Club.
  • The Bunning’s Voucher’s which our Club received in “compensation in lieu of cancelled BQQ’s” consisting of:  x 11 ea $100.00, x 4 ea $50.00 and x 1 ea of $10.00 , being a total of $1310.00, will be formally presented to The Mornington Men’s Shed at their Club Meeting on Tuesday 14th June 2022.
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook