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Club Assembly - Membership Forum - Ross Kilborn
Mornington Hotel
Oct 05, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Lift The Lid
Mornington Hotel
Oct 12, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting-Guest Speaker-Ella Slingsby
Mornington Hotel
Oct 19, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Board Meeting
Mornington Hotel
Oct 26, 2022
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Social Night
Nov 02, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Interplast Formal Dinner
Toorak College
Nov 08, 2022
International Night
Mornington Hotel
Nov 09, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Mornington Rotary Club - AGM
Mornington Hotel
Nov 16, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Jo Hastings-StVincentsInstitute of MedicalResearch
Mornington Hotel
Nov 23, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
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12th Sep 2022, Vol No 76 , Issue No 6
12th September - Club Bulletin
Hunters Crossing Working Bee: 
With the threat of some rain and an overcast grey sky appearing on the horizon on Sunday this didn't deter a great turn out from both the Friends of Tanti and our Club Member's from rolling up their sleeves on the Banks of Tanti Creek to join in and de-weed, re-plant and generally tidy up the Hunters Crossing area. Under the guidance of Martin Lenard from Tanti we saw a combined effort to re-juvinate the area perviously barked and planted earlier this year with the focus to rid the area of intrusive weeds. It was extremely pleasing to see some of Mum's and Dad's bring along the children to help out. This is a fantastic way to "plant the seed" so to say, and have our children starting from a very early age being involved with Environmental Projects. Well done and a big thanks to those Club Members who are able to turn up and help out. 
Club Meetings - MYC Sailability
With a return, last week, to our traditional Club meeting Format, we hosted Mr Mick Daddo, a long time serving Members of the Mornington Yacht Club and a tireless volunteer with the Clubs Sailability Programe. Mick's presentation informed us as to the history of Sailability that was founded on England back in the 80's and has now spread Worldwide to all reaches of the Globe with literally hundreds of Yacht Clubs involved in this amazing Sailing experience. As Mick conveyed to us, Sailability introduces people of all ages and abilities to the joys of sailing in a fun and inexpensive way, and in a supportive social environmentParticipants in Sailability are drawn from the general community, Disability Organisations, Special Developmental Schools, Adult Training Centres. People of all abilities are welcomed. Participants can include people with no disability, the elderly, perhaps with some level of physical impairment, and people with a range of physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. Mick was very appreciative of the wonderful efforts that Mornington Rotary have contributed over the years to asset with physical assets in order to enhance the program. His presentation was extremely uplifting in that he spoke with emotion and passion of the Program and the simple joy that you see on the faces of the participants to "be free" from their disabilities on the water and be at one with the wind and the yacht. Mornington Rotary would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to Mick and all the wonderful volunteers at Mornington Yacht Club who donate their time and passion to provide a truly special experience to those in need. Well done
Mick Daddo (C) with two of our more mature Club Members and also long time supporters of the MYC and the Sailability program, Ken Bilham (l) and John Parkinson (r)
Bunnings BBQ's
Over the weekend our Club President sent out a "can you help out" request for the four Bunnings BBQ's, that we have nominated for over the next coming three months. The response was fantastic with a close to 90% positive "yes I can help out". As a result we can defiantly undertake two BBQ's that being the first one on Friday 25th Nov 22 and the second on Friday 09th Dec 22.  Ross K will now inform Bunnings of our availability and more importantly our BBQ Team Leader, David Lancashire, will no doubt be in contact with those Members (who nominated these days) in the coming weeks to allocate/work out and hopefully accommodate requests of who will be on the x 3 Shifts throughout the day. 
Upcoming Club Meetings- Wed 14th Sep 22
Tomorrow evening we will be conducting our Club's regular Board Meeting, so this means a break for Member's with the night off so to say from Rotary, but we will resume the following week on Wed 21st Sep 22, at the Mornington Hotel, with  our Guest Speaker being Dr Kashmirian presenting the subject of Skin Cancer, and with the warmer months approaching a timely and important presentation not to miss.
Club Meetings - Welcome Desk
A very big thanks goes out to all those good looking Members who put their name down on the volunteer list to help out at the Clubs Weekly Meeting, Welcome/ Sign in Desk. Now we are very rapidly headings towards a cashless Meeting Fee, our Treasurer Pam Hall will be on hand to assist and go thru the very simple process of "scanning the card" for Dinner Fees. Its not hard and if you scan your card at a retail outlet etc, then its pretty simple to manage.
1.  Wed  14th Sep 22  -  Judy Benholz
2.  Wed  21st Sep 22  -  Pam Hall
3.  Wed  05th Oct 22 -  John Parkinson 
4.  Wed  12th Oct 22  - Jo Davie
5.  Wed  19th Oct 22 - Ian Horton
Around The Bay in a Day
After a vey long delay (pre COVID) that great Bike Event is once again about to hit the streets of the Peninsula. Please see the details in The Presidents Report
Upcoming Important Dates
As well as our Club's Regular Weekly Meetings and Guest Speaker's, there is also a number of notable events within the Club Calendar, between now and XMAS (which will be upon us with surprising speed !!) to add to your diary :
1.    INTERPLAST Presentation                 Wed 28th Sep 22
2.   Club Assembly-Membership Forum     Wed 05th Oct 22
3.   ARH Lift The Lid Evening                   Wed 12 Oct 22
4.   Club Board Meeting                           Wed 26th Oct 22
5.   Mornington Rotary AGM                    Wed 16th Nov 22
6.  District 9820 DG Club Visit                Wed 30th Nov 22
7.  Mornington Rotary XMAS Dinner       Wed 14th Dec 22
Presidents Report - 12th September 2022
Good afternoon to all my fellow Mornington Rotary Members and Partners. 
Presidents Absence
Well, this past fortnight we have seen a return of some of our Members from their extended holidays up North and its great to welcome back young Ross Kilborn, Joe Siragusa, Ian Horton and David Lancashire. There are still quite few members away but by my calculations come mid Oct we should see a full house.
Having said that its now my time to take a quick break away with family up North around Cairns. So, your Club President will be absent over the period: 
  Wed 21st Sep to Mon 03rd Oct 22, and  2. Mon 07th Nov 22 until Sun 13th Nov 22.
Over my absence our Past President, Ross, will take on the rein’s as El Presidento and also if Ross is unavailable Our Club Sec, Ian H, will be able to help out.
The South Pacific Regionalisation Pilot Project
For those Members who were able, and willing to sit in on the Webinar the last few days I hope you found it informative and now all the PR media presentations have been done and dusted it’s time to vote so by the end of this week I will receive a “electronic voting slip” to cast our Clubs Vote in the affirmative.
Around The Bay in a Day,
Put on your thinking cap’s and cast your memories back to 2019 (pre Covid) to all those intrepid cyclists huffing and puffing their way thru Mornington along the Nepean Hwy, well its back again and scheduled for Sunday 09th Oct 2022.  Our Club along with many more Peninsula Community-based Clubs have been requested if we can assist with this fantastic event and help out by “manning“ the Sorrento Rest Station. We have been asked to help out with providing, if possible up to 8 Club Members to be split between either the morning and/or afternoon shifts. If you are avaible and wish to be part of this great Melb Bike Ride please give Ross Kilborn a call  ASAP Mob: 0412 171666, thanks.
Club Runner Trg 
By now you may have noticed that an e-mail has popped up in your “in tray”, from District in regards to Club Runner. At present within our Club, both myself and Ross K, from my understanding are the only two members “up to speed “ with Club Runner and this is very evident with the formulation of our Weekly Bulletin. There are time’s when both Ross and I will be away from the desk and for the need to keep our Clubs weekly communication lines open, it would be great to have a few members on side to assist when required from time to time, so as the note from district below states:
“ Presidents, Secretaries, Club admin, Bulletin/ Newsletter editors are all encouraged to attend.  This is relevant for every club in the District, so we certainly encourage all clubs to have at least one representative.  Please ensure, your club does not miss out.
When: Friday 23rd September, 2022 19:00 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.”
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook