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  19th July 2021, Volume No 75,  Issue No 3
19th July 2021
From the Editor's Desk
Good morning to all Mornington Rotary Club Members, Partners and Families. Hope all is well considering it seems like " the worlds gone mad gain !!! " and by that I mean, yes here we go again, and after talking to few of my fellow Club members and family this morning the message I'm getting is " this seems to be the new way of our life and the times we live in for some time to come ", but us Aussies and more to the point us " Melburnian's are a pretty tough lot and we are just getting on with life and gritting our teeth". Its great to see our city and the public doing the right thing and looking after one another. On a brighter note I have received a number of photo's and had a chat with some of our Club Members " up North " so here are a few pics to brighten up your day. 
Joe Siragusa, up north enjoying the very relaxed dress standard at the Darwin Rotary Club Changeover Dinner, and as per the Darwin lifestyle, the Change over Dinner was a " formal BBQ in the backyard of a Club Member, and also a few pics form Ross (who) on his travels thru the QLD rainforest, looks warm and inviting !
New Member Induction
 On of the most important and special ceremonies that any Rotary Club conducts is the Induction of New Club Members, and having said this, last week our club formally inducted two new members into the Rotary family. It was with great pride that our new President, Brian, at his very first Club Meeting had the privilege to induct Jeff and Marilyn Walkley into The Rotary Club of Mornington. On behalf of the President, the Board, and all Club Members, we wish to extend a very warm welcome to you both into the club and wish you many years of enjoyment, active participation and look forward to you both being a valuable member and embracing all that Rotary has to offer you and also the skills and enthusiasm you can contribute to Rotary, well done Jeff and Marilyn.
Club President, Brian, with our two new Member's, Marilyn & Jeff Walkley
Club Last Meeting, Wed 14th July 2021
 Last week we hosted Greg Szto and Vicki O'Shea from the Peninsula Heart Centre, talking on Cardiac Health. The evening got off to a somewhat technical hiccup which looked like posing a threat to all the good work Greg had prepared but after much swapping of connections we managed to have a very enlightening Power Point Slide Show. Greg's presentation was extremely informative and the manner in which he delivered it was " user friendly " and covered all aspects of a very important factor in all our lives, that being the " Health of our Heart". There were a number of surprising points presented one of which was the greatest risk of people to suffer a Heart Attack was those who blood pressure was in the slightly elevated range, due to huge number of those people that fit into this category as opposed to those members of the public whose elevated Blood Pressure is within the very high/ dangerous levels. Another alarming fact was that the very high number of people walking around that have a diabetic problem and are unaware of it. As Greg informed us with many heart related problems we are not aware of, one that we have a problems and two, the high level of risk we are in until " you wake up in the hospital '!! . So the message form this was very clear, we regularly get a Dental check-up , a blood pressure check-up, our Cholesterol checked but nearly all of us don't get our Heart checked , so next time you are due for an overall medical checkup ask for a specific heart Check-up, it just might alert us all to a very unwanted future medical episode. The Rotary Club of Mornington would like to extend a very big thanks from Greg and Vicki and all the team from Peninsula Heart Centre for a very important and enlightening Presentation
Club Youth Chair , Judy (L) , with our Guest Speakers from Peninsula Heart Centre Greg Szto and Vicki O'Shea
Our Next Club Meeting, Wed 19th July 2021- ZOOM Meeting
Well folks, its back to the future for our upcoming Weekly Club Meeting. With the current Melbourne COVID Lockdown not looking very hopeful of an early reprieve, we are taking a cautious and safe approach and reverting back to a ZOOM online session for this weeks meeting. By the close of business today the link with the log-in details will be sent directly to each members e-mail. We were hoping for a face to face presentation from Jordan at the Mornington Fire Brigade , but unfortunately this presentation will be postponed to early September. Hopefully we can get to have some of our members from warmer climates join us and provide a " Summer in July " theme ?
ZOOM Meeting -  Meeting ID 595 574 6870    Meeting Passcode- 20TuTQ
Bunning's BBQ's - Sunday 25th July 2021
Is it on or is it off , thats the Coles 64k question !!! . We will just have to wait and see. Should we come out of Lockdown this week, then as planned our BBQ at Bunnings, this coming, Sunday will go ahead. With an expected announcement today or tomorrow  from the VIC Govn't Health Authorities we are still playing the waiting game.
Presidents Report 19th July 2021
Good afternoon to all Members
  1. As all members are aware by now, as per my e-mail sent out late last week (Wed 07th July @ 0920) our ARH 40th Anniversary Dinner has been re-scheduled, due to the ongoing COVID restrictions due to most states in Lockdown. The new date for the dinner will now be Saturday 13th November 2021 to be held at the same venue and timings. I have received a number of inquiries in regards to the cost and I will investigate this further to see if the $ cost can be altered
  1. Some four weeks ago Ross conducted a mini informal workshop to introduce those members interested to see how our Club’s, Club Runner & Club Website are managed. From all accounts this workshop was very informative. Once we come out of lockdown I plan to continue with more workshops, at levels of content that each participant feels comfortable with. Keep an eye out for further details in our Club Bulletin
  1. At our last Club Meeting our BBQ Team Leader, David Lancashire, distributed the Volunteer Roster Sheet for our first Bunning’s BBQ scheduled for Sunday 25thJuly 2021, only some 7 days away. There are still a number of “ vacant positions “ we need to be filled, so if you are free for about three to four hrs. , next Sunday please give David a call / SMS on 04507 365710. With the current COVID Restrictions In Melb and the forecast that our Lockdown may be extended this BBQ may not go ahead but if we are “ free to go “ for next weekend we will need to be ready to swing into action. !! 
  1. A number of items of correspondence from District:
*   District RLI Chair and Past President and David Hanlon has asked that I draw to your attention the fact that there are still vacant places on the upcoming Rotary Leadership Institute program to be held in Drouin 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Saturday 7thAugust, Saturday 4th September and Saturday 2nd October.
If you or any of your Club members can take the time to participate in and benefit from this excellent program please contact David on 0414 996 798 or email
*      In August and September, we are going to start by running our first series of workshops at various locations around the District, focusing on looking within our Clubs, then providing some ideas and tools to help you start looking at your community.
The District membership page has been updated with new material and 3 survey links. I encourage you all share this information with your club members and encourage them to complete the online surveys. Your District team will look at the survey answers and discuss the findings at the membership development days in August and September.
Membership growth is everyone’s responsibility; we need to grow Rotary to be able to do more.
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook