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16th June 2020, Volume 73,  Issue No 45
Wednesday 17th June 2020
From the Editor
Good morning to my fellow Rotarians on this very frosty, foggy Winters morning. Well not a great deal to report this week , in fact its all very quite at present. Our Club meeting, last Wednesday evening, saw the presentation of the new proposed Rotary Club of Mornington Constitution and also the By Laws. Our Club President Ross provided a brief and concise PPT visual presentation and this assisted with the finer points of the changes / amendments. There was some discussion, on a number of points , such as approval for $$ spending at varying levels of funds, membership and associated levels and attendance of those membership classifications and a number of other " housekeeping points".  Many thanks to those " old wise heads" within the Club whose expertise pointed out a few anomalies , that were very quickly rectified , and included into the new Club's By Laws. In particular a big thanks to Victor whose years of experience in such matters as these are very much appreciated. In all the Club has a new set of Constitution Rules and associated By- Laws.  Should you wish to view the documents they can be located within our WebSite . If you go to Members Only and open up the tab Club Plan & Budget you can view these new Rules. Thanks to all those who attended the Meeting and the subsequent approved , by the quorum. 
Our Next Club Meeting
If you are available tommy evening please join in our next Club Online ZOOM Meeting . This meeting is pretty important as we will be " hearing" from the  Clubs working group on a few proposals for ' Our Significant Project " So please tune in, Log-on and join in tomorrow evening commencing at 6; 00pm
President's Update
President’s Report – July 14th 2020
Honorary Members 
The Board was very pleased to recommend,  and have the members acknowledge at last week’s Zoom meeting,  the following Honorary members for the next year, Barb Parkinson, Maree Renowden, Don Gordon, Arie de Wit and Ian Garrow. 
Annual Report 
Our Annual Report for the last year is now complete and available on line at our Club’s Home Page under the Members Only Tab
We will have some printed, for distribution when we can again meet! 
Please take the time to read it. I think all members should be very pleased and proud to be part of a club that has done so much in an unusual year. 
Fusion—Sleep in your Car – Saturday August 1 
Mornington Rotary has a team entered and we would like you to join us OR make a donation towards our target of raising $2500. I will donate $50 for every club member who sleeps in their car, in their tent or on the couch that night. 
Here is the link to donate now !
Why are we doing it ? 
On any given night, there are 116,427 Australian’s recorded as experiencing homelessness. 42% are under the age of 25. 
On Saturday August 1st, Fusion Mornington Peninsula is hosting Sleep In Your Car,  the community sleep out.  Held in the lead up to Homelessness Week, this local community event is in its 6th year, creating opportunities for our community to begin to consider what it means to experience homelessness. 
This year, it is not being held in Mornington Park but wherever you chose, including in your driveway or garage or even on your couch or in a tent in the back yard.  
Registration allows you full access to the online event, including interactive experiences, live panels presenting local youth service, tours of our accommodation facility, guest speakers as well as live performing artists.  
Or if you are sponsoring a participant simply drop past our Facebook page on the night and show your support. 
Sleep in Your Car 2020 aims to raise $25,000 of crucial funding to prevent and support local young people experiencing homelessness.
You have the power to help transform the lives of vulnerable young people in our community. 
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook