Bulletin  Mar 18, Vol 78 , Issue No 5
President’s Report
This week’s bulletin is full of great reports about what’s been happening at Mornington Rotary. I’m not going to take up any space this week, but just want to say thank you very much to Judy Seager who has been editing our bulletin this financial year. She is doing a great job. Well done Judy!

Pam Hall

International Women's Day Breakfast

The six Mornington Rotarians who attended the breakfast, hosted by Mt Eliza, Frankston and Frankston North Rotary clubs, enjoyed the opportunity to raise funds for Rotary Health while being inspired by two high-achieving women. 

Assistant Police Commissioner, Lauren Calloway, leads family violence, sexual assault, child abuse responses for Victoria Police's Family Violence Command. Lauren spoke openly about her 30 years in the police force and the challenges facing women in a male-dominated workplace. Like all good apprentices, she spent the first 5 years learning her craft, while observing the different value systems around her, and quietly holding onto her own values, despite the need to conform, to become 'one of the boys!' 

When she first became a superintendent in 2016, she was one of only four women in the position - out of a total of 80. The male hierarchical system was well entrenched.

Now there are about 30 out of 100 and Lauren believes that the organisation is seeing itself differently, appointing people who think differently, who have different values, and bring a far more diverse model to the organisation.

Lauren was an articulate and passionate speaker, who related stories with humour and empathy.

The second speaker was Jodie Belyea, who is being sworn in today as the federal member for Dunkley. Jodie has spent 30 years working across many sectors but is particularly passionate about empowering people to transform their lives. Jodie is the Managing Director of the Women’s Spirit Project, which aims to inspire, empower and support the transformation of women who are experiencing disadvantage, through fitness, health and wellbeing activities and programs to support them to recover.  

Jodie survived a very tough and abusive childhood and her own experiences have led her to to create opportunities for others.

Last Wednesday evening, Ben Buchanan, Principal Advisor, and Mat Hallam, Associate Advisor, from Intend Financial, Mornington, spoke to members and guests about the importance of financial planning and investment. Ben spoke of many areas of financial planning, including accessing the Health Card and Low-Income card, will-making and the use of testamentary trusts. Both Ben and Mat were very generous with their time and knowledge.


Pam, Ben and Mat


Bunnings BBQ 

These events continue to raise good funds for our projects, and on March 16th, eight Rotarians, and one 'almost there member' Tanya, worked with David to keep a very hungry Mornington populace refreshed and happy. It was a big day under the marquee, particularly for the sausage sizzlers, but friendly and patient customers made it all a pleasure. 


Ross Kilburn has 2 important reports to share.


Mornington Police Senior Citizens Register were delighted to learn that the club has approved a new computer for them, and donated a laptop. Their existing computer dates back to 2005 and some of their mailing is done on one of the volunteer' s phones. Photos will follow when the new devices are set up. This volunteer group monitors and supports the welfare of elderly people in Mornington, and is based in a small office in the front of the Police Station. Total approved cost was $1435.
The Eastern Greenlink in finally moving ahead. After more than two years, we are getting close to final approval to proceed with the planting of up to 500 trees along the Eastern Greenlink - the old railway easement - that runs from the Highway to the Esplanade, and is most visible between Vale and Elizabeth Streets where it borders the Bays Hospital. There is a meeting with Council staff on March 27 and if you would like to attend, talk to Ross. It is likely to be done in three stages - the first adjoining the Bays. It is also likely to be part of the Peninsula Trail. Originally we applied unsuccessfully for a Queens Jubilee Grant to fund this. We have $10000 in the  Budget towards this, still to be formally approved by members.  Creating this avenue of trees presents an opportunity to perhaps recognise our pioneers ? Bays Donors ?  Other notable persons. Any ideas ? 
Eileen is seeking suggestions for a social event. Back to Blackbird Cafe or the Wilson's Wine Bar? A picnic in the park before daylight saving ends? 
Please share your thoughts

From Sue Foley President Rotary Club Port Phillip 

On 22 March 2024 at the Frankston Arts Centre there will be a range of performances from Celtic musicians and international guest artist, Chloe Matharu, who is a Celtic harpist. Chloe is half Scots and half Indian heritage and is also an officer in the Merchant Navy which make for a great story and we will be recording an interview with her about Rotary and her interest in the festival etc. The Melbourne Celtic Festival was created to raise funds and awareness for Rotary It really is going to be a wonderful night of music so please feel free to share with all your network – there are concessional tickets available and I believe that a discounted price for Art Centre members. Melbourne Celtic Festival On Tour Frankston Arts Centre 

Something to think about?
“I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.” —Stephen Hawking

Next bulletin will be published after Easter on Monday 15 


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