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Nov 13, 2019
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October  21st , Volume 73 , No 14
Guest Speaker - Mr Charlie Spiers - District 9820 Foundation Chair
Charlie’s presentation focused briefly on the history of Foundation within Rotary and he centred on the important aspect of the ability to “ grow funds ‘ within the Foundation management process that can potentially  “ enhance and make your project funds grow “.
Rotary Foundation was formulated and instigated in 1917 when the then outgoing president proposed and endowment for the purpose of doing well in the world. From very small beginnings the Foundation Branch of Rotary has through the decades, and is still transforming millions of lives  around the world.  Currently Rotary Foundation at all levels within our organisation from clubs to districts to International, contributes in the sum of 150 million dollars per year.
Charlie’s presentation included some very powerful and enlightening short video’s highlighting the many and varied projects that Rotary has and are still very active in.
One very interesting and worthwhile aspect that Charlie pointed out was when proposing and subsequently instigating a project at Club level is that when you formally submit the project to your district, is the ability that Rotary at district level can, “make your initial funds grow”
This can be done by the ability of your District Chair to match your monetary submission and from there working in conjunction with other charitable organisation’s and commercial institute's have the potential to double and in some instances treble your initial funds.
The eradication of Polio World wide is currently Rotaries prime Foundation Project.  This project saw its start in the mid 80’s and as today has achieved some truly remarkable progress. Rotary envisages thru its own contributions to the eradication of polio it will exceed $1.2 billion by the time the world is certified as polio free. A truly amazing and world changing event in our time.
One very enlightening fact in regards to the funds provided and donated via Rotary is such high profile “ philanthropist's “ and to note Mr Bill Gates who in 2017 announced that thru the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a commitment of $450 million to support the eradication of Polio.
Charlie’s presentation was enlightening and informative, he left us all with a special thought when it comes to the final result of our efforts to enhance the lives of people, which was  “ to make a child’s life a bit easier and put a smile on their face “
Guest Speaker - Mr Charlie Spiers, RCM Richard Vautier and Dennis Corke 
Special Presentation – Miss Hanna Swinnerton
At our recent Club Meeting our current RYLA nomination Miss Hanna Swinnerton addressed the meeting and presented a topic that she has had some very personal involvement in, that being the malady of Bullying
Hanna’s journey thru this atrocious social syndrome started in her very young years and continued right thru to her mid teens. Hanna was adversely affected by the tribulations she endured for many years, most of which she suffered in silent.
Thru family support, counselling and finally the much-needed support of her teachers Hanna finally confronted the situation. She was afforded the opportunity to address the entire population of her Secondary School. Her speech was both moving and educational to her audience.
From that point on Hanna expressed to us a major change in her life for the better. Her courage and willingness to confront the situation has now seen her grow immensely in self-esteem and involvement in her social environment and especially the wider community.
Hanna’s brief presentation, which was accompanied by a PPT Presentation was a delight to experience. Our Club Member’s are very proud of Hanna’s outlook and zest for life, and are confident she will do well at her RYLA Camp.
RCM Foundation Chair , John Renowden with Miss Hanna Swinnerton
President's Report's
Coming Up at Our Next Club Meeting
This week we have our Schools / Youth night chaired and hosted by John Renowden. It’s also our Lift the Lid fundraising night in support of Australian Rotary Health,  so please bring and wear a hat and make a donation of more than a coin (and even more if you don’t  bring and wear a hat!). Partners and friends are very welcome,  and note due to number we will be in the upstairs room.
Next week October  30 is a Board meeting. Our Annual General Meeting will be held at 6.30pm on Wed Nov 16, before dinner.
On November 6 our Guest Speaker is Andrew Plympton at our third open “feature speaker” meeting. Andrew’s profile and booking details are on our website. For guests booking is essential as we have a limited capacity in the room on that night, and Andrew is likely to draw a crowd. (members will automatically be booked but if you cannot make it please let Eileen know)
R100 Socks 
Last night I received orders for 27 pairs of R100 socks that Phil from the Rotary Club of Melbourne presented last week. Phil makes and donated the socks to his club so all money goes straight to projects. I also followed Phil up on the End Trachoma project he spoke of. 
Australian Welsh Male Choir, (starring John Renowden)  is performing at St.Paul’s (Flinders St) Cathedral on Sunday October 27 …followed by a sing along at Young and Jacksons. You are welcome.
Marley the Companion Dog
We received a lovely card from the parent and child who have Marley, thanking us for our contribution.

Upcoming Projects
Thanks to Ian Horton for volunteering to coordinate our role in running a drink stand for the Arthurs Seat Challenge on Sunday Nov 10. You should have received an  email inviting you to be one of the seven volunteers we need.
Thanks too to Peter Jay for volunteering to coordinate the Christmas present collection which will be a bigger project for us this year, in partnership with Nicolas Lynch Real Estate and the Information Centre.
Finally thanks to John R and Brian who will run a stand at the Peninsula Voice “Connecting Communities” Forum on Thurs Oct 31 at 5.30pm
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook