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Nov 17, 2021
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Nov 24, 2021
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Club Meeting - Guest Speaker - The Bays Hospital
Mornington Hotel - Downstairs - Stratton Room
Dec 01, 2021
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Club Christmas Social Dinner
Mornington Golf Course - Function Room
Dec 08, 2021
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On holidays at the Beach with a cool drink !
Dec 09, 2021 8:00 AM –
Jan 04, 2022 8:00 AM
Dinner at The Long Table
Mornington Park - Main St , The Long Table
Jan 05, 2022
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
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 09th Nov 2021, Vol No 75, Issue No 19
09th Nov 2021
From the Editor's Desk
Good afternoon to my fellow Mornington Rotary Colleagues and their partners. To quote one of our countries very famous Past Cricketers "its all happening here at the G ". I for one along with Ross K, Judy S and I'm sure quite a few of the members in our club have ventured out (out of Melbourne that is) to visit family and friends, to re-connect face to face or just take a well earned break away in our beautiful Regional Victoria. On my recent trip down to Metung (last week) I was quite taken back by the enormous volume of traffic on our country roads and local Mornington roads and it really brings home the very restricted lifestyle we have all endured over the past 18 months and its now really great to see everyone out and about. With the Rotary activities we have scheduled at our Club for the next 5 weeks we should also see "back to normality " and from mid Nov with easing of further restrictions I can say with a fair degree of certainty "it's going to be a great 2021 Christmas" !!
Club Meetings- Last Week

Last week at our Club Meeting we had a small but enjoyable social get together for our last online ZOOM meeting. Not a great deal of club business but more of an anticpipated, only seven more sleeps until we get back to The Mornington Hotel. Since we went into lockdown, way back in late July, our Club Meetings, to state the obvious have been very restricted, a fair bit frustrating in regards to structure, quite a few IT techo hiccups and many members who are not keen on meeting on the big screen, but we have endured. Our ability to continue on with Rotary Business, via ZOOM, was very pleasing and to those who managed to cope with this new media outlet, goes a very big thanks for your perseverance and patience. There have been a few Rotary Clubs that basically all but shutdown over this past lockdown but to our credit at Mornington Rotary we pushed on and got thru it all and now we can look forward to the return of having that personal contact.

Upcoming Club Meeting: Wed 10th Nov 21 
This coming Wednesday, by now, as we are all aware, we return to"our old haunt" at the Mornington Hotel. At our first meeting back, by an overwhelming consensus from our members, we won't be having a Guest Speaker, and this has been planned so we can have a social evening with some fine wine, a good chat and enjoy a meal together. There will be a few items of Club business to be tabled and the opportunity for members to present any items of note, such as one item that I have just been informed of, that one of our members is now a new Grandparent with the birth a beautiful Granddaughter, a special family birthday or just to ask and delve into any items of club business that you wish to hear about. With our first meeting back the Hotel have informed we are most likely meeting in the Upstairs Function Room, but with a meeting later this afternoon (with the Hotel Hospitality Manager) we may I reiterate may be able to meet downstairs in the Stratton Room and avoid that very tricky and somewhat problematic staircase, so wait out and once we know a definite, all will be informed.
Bunnings BBQ, one down & one still to come
A very big thanks to all those Members who were able to volunteer and help out at Sunday's Bunnings BBQ, this was another great financial opportunity for us to gather funds for our Clubs ability to 
then pass onto Rotary Projects. A special mention to the last shift, on Sunday, who as we know get to participate in that fun " BBQ end of the day clean up " and from all reports the team involved in this did a very, very good job, well done. One down and one more to go, so our next day, in the Bunnings Marquee, cooking up a snag or two will be Friday 03rd Dec 2021, so please pencil this day into your diaries and our illustrious BBQ Captain, David L ,will be in touch over the next few weeks, to gather another 3 teams this time for a Friday session.
Peninsula Trail Update
With the ongoing Peninsula Trail our Mornington Council have just produced a Media Release, in the form of a very informative video. Please click on the link below for a brief presentation from Despi O'Conner our Shire's Mayor, which includes a special mention within the video of the Peninsula Rotary Cluster's involvement in this Major Project.
Presidents Report - 09th Nov 21
Good afternoon to all,
A busy few weeks to come.
With our recent and somewhat fast tracked coming out of lockdown restrictions eased we have not only from a personal perspective but also from a Rotary standing what I would say to be a busy few weeks ahead. As a club we have only four Club Meetings to go and then our final get together being our Annual Christmas Dinner.
We have two Guest Speaker’s attending our club in the next few weeks and please don’t forget our obligatory AGM to be held on Wednesday 17th Nov 2021.
Also coming up is another proposed Bunning’s BBQ for Friday 03rd Dec 21, to be followed by what now seems to be fast becoming an Annual Club Community event, The Annual Santa Train Ride to be held on Sat 04th Dec 21. 
We have another end of year Christmas Project that has just been re-juvinated in the Christmas Toy Drive
As with all these type of events the “more hands on deck to help out” the better we can present and highlight our presence and the valuable contribution we make to the community, so please pencil in these two dates and the Toy Drive.
Peninsula Cluster – Movie Premier Evening
Just an update in regards to the upcoming Peninsula Cluster Movie social evening, from our ADG Peter Rawlings:
Houston, we have a problem!
In a nutshell, the distributors of The Duke have pulled the pin for the release of the movie in December.
DG Bill has been liaising with Rob Byrne, Senior Coordinator – Foundation Services who sent this message two days ago.
“The public release of THE DUKE has been delayed until 31 March 2022 however the distributor is honouring the previous arrangement to offer Rotary screenings from 2nd December forward.”
RI Seventh Area of Focus
With the new RI area of focus I have recently received communication on this subject from our DG, so please find as detailed below the latest update on Rotary supporting the environment.
DG Bill has asked me to share the following with Presidents throughout the District on behalf of PP Robin Stewart Chair of District Environmental Sustainability Committee.
Please also see the attached Club environmental sustainability agreement (in both Word and PDF) for your consideration
This is a call to action to support the environment. In 2020 Rotary International included a seventh area of focus - supporting the environment. The Rotary Club of Berwick in partnership with the District 9820 Environmental Sustainability Committee have developed an agreement to supporting the environment. The agreement is attached to this email and we are calling on your club's support.
To promote and support Rotary’s newest area of focus, supporting the environment. This agreement aims to encourage Rotarians to make changes to support the environment and adopt sustainable and green initiatives at all events and projects.
The Project Brief
The agreement sets out twelve guidelines that we are asking event organisers to review when planning all club meetings, public events and activities. The agreement covers three key areas; reduce your waste, promote recycling and reduce your impact.
What you need to do
What we need is for you to distribute this agreement to your club members, at either your next board meeting or a club meeting discuss the agreement and if you decide to support this valuable project, the current president and president elect sign the agreement (either print, sign and scan/take a photo on your phone, or sign electronically) and send back to the Rotary Club of Berwick's secretary, Sam McCurdy.
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook