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 22nd March 2021, Volume No 74,  Issue No 35
From the Editor

Good evening to all my fellow Mornington Rotarians and their Partners. I hope all is well and you are happy and healthy and staying out of trouble. A few items of note from our Club Meeting last week. There were a number of ongoing and new announcements, from President Ross, pertaining to our involvement with the Australian Rotary Health Scholarship and the subsequent nominee, the ongoing contribution to the East Gippsland Bushfire Relief for the Lucas Mill, the FUSION Bathroom Project along with many more projects on the go and also those of which are sitting in the " proposal file", this and much more, all of which are covered in detail within the Presidents Report of this edition of our Club Bulletin. There is a fair bit in this weeks President's Report so please take the time to read thru the full report as nearly all items will undoubtedly, in the foreseeable future be promulgated for members discussion and deliberation, thanks.

Also on that note of Club Business there has been a few minor changes to our upcoming meetings and social arrangements so if you have a few spare moments please log-on to our Club's Website/ Calandar and " pencil into your diary " the meetings/events.

On a weather note, we down here in Melbourne and surrounds are currently enjoying the great balmy Autumn days and evenings, but our northern neighbours are in a very bad situation, and as we all watch the news reports I can say for one, my heart goes out to those who have lost so much with the devastating floods. Floods, fire's and droughts we certainly live in a ever changing environment, and I am sure that our fellow Rotarians north of the border will be there when the call goes out for help, that's what we do and we do it well.

With the first round of AFL just completed we see our our John Renowden up there in equal 1st place, with a good selection from Round No 1, so please don't forget to get your tips in for this coming week and also please if you have not already done so, forward onto Peter Jay your fee of $30.00.  An item for discussion for all those Footy tragic's  " the new standing on the mark rule " 😳

Club Meeting - Last Week: Guest Speaker 

At our Club Meeting, last week we had the pleasure to host our very own Mornington Shire Mayor,  Mrs Despi O'Connor.  Despi was the successful nominee from the Briars Ward and when the  council meet to elect a Mayor, Despi was there to "throw her hand into the ring", so to say, and in her own words "it was a bit of a shock to gain the top job ", but from from what we heard and saw, last week, we are certainly in good hands for duration of her term, and for that matter the new team that represent all our Wards. Despi's heritage is that from Greece and she provided us with a insight into her family background and upbringing that has enfluenced her outlook on life and the vitality important ethos that is plays in her professional career. Despi hails from a long and successful teaching background. She has spent some 30 years of voluntary community involvement and has served on a number of community groups as president/s and active chairs. Despi presented to us, with a board range of objectives and goals that she and her team see as the major issues that we are facing on the Peninsula, that being in broad terms: Protection of our Enviroment, Recovery in the slow and contacted " post COVID " process especially for the community groups and their clients who have been adversely effected, Fiscal responsibility pertaining to the responsible spending of funds, Social issues in regards to Mental Health and the Connecting and linking our both our young and older population via community open spaces and meeting venues. The Mornington Rotary Club would like to extend a very big thanks to Despi in taking time out from what seems to be an extremely busy schedule of Mayoral duties to visit and speak at our Club Meeting.

Guest Speaker - Mornington Shire Mayor, Despi O'Connor (l) with Club Member Joe Siragusa

Our Next Club Meeting - Wed 24th March 2021 - Mornington Hotel

At this weeks upcoming Club Meeting will be conducting A Board Meeting, so this means for all " the week off for members", but if your inclined to sit in,  all members are most welcome to attend, as an observer only, at our Club's Board Meeting.

Birthdays/ Anniversaries

Tomorrow, Tuesday 15th March, we acknowledge the Birthday of young Richard Vautier.  To Richard on behalf of our Club President, The Board all our Members and their Partners, we wish you a very big Happy Birthday, with many more to come, and we hope that Pam and the family make your special day one to remember with lots laughter, fun, good food and wine and lots of gifts  !!! well done.

The Bunning's B-B-Q - Sunday 28th March 2021

Our Club has been successful is securing another Bunning's Sausage Sizzle BBQ on Sunday 28th March 2021. A big thanks for all those Club Members & Partners who have nominated within the three shits to help out and cook, clean, take orders and money and generally be there to lend a hand. I have listed as below the Members & Partner's and your respective BBQ timings and on a very , very important Note :  If possible we require each shift to please turn up about ten minutes prior to your allocated start time. The reason for this is, if you haven't done a Bunnings BBQ under the new COVID guidelines our BBQ Team Leader, young David Lancashire, will conduct a quick 5 min explanation of what we need to do to ensure the COVID and Public Safe guidelines we are required to adhere to, thanks.

Bunning's BBQ Shift's  -

Morning Team - 8:00 am to 1100 am - Ross Kilborn, Brian Mann, Ken Bilham & Wendy Bilham,  

Mid Day/ Afternoon Team - 1100 am to 2;00pm - Brian Mann, Ian Horton, Ted Moore & Peter Huels

Afternoon / Clean Up Team - 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Peter Jay, John Parkinson, Victor Sullivan & Neil Frost


Presidents Report  -    22nd March  2021


This week’s President’s Report is long, but includes important content which I hope is of interest to all members. 
We have a Board meeting this week. 
The following week we have a guest speaker – Graham Jones, a local Architect and Artist. Graham is an enthusiastic speaker who has an interesting life. It is a night that partners will enjoy, so it’s a semi social night. As Eileen is away please let me know if you cannot make it or how many extras you are bringing. 
Last week our Guest was the Mayor Despi O’Connor. There seemed to be a strong parallel with the Mayor’s three areas of focus and the projects we are working on as a club
  1. With regard to people experiencing disadvantage, we have run a major project for the last 18m researching homelessness, that has resulted in us directly supporting both Fusion and likely the Ranch Motel project. There are a couple of other things in the wind.
  2. Environmental Sustainability has recently become a priority focus for Rotary Internationally, and again we have a couple of local projects consistent with that including the Healing Garden at the new Community Centre and the Bay Trail. 
  3. Mobility. As you know the eight Rotary Clubs on the Peninsula are working together to support Council in the development of the Bay Trail. This s an exciting project for the Peninsula and a great way for the Clubs to recognise 100 years of Rotary in Australia, this year. 
Bush Fire Relief This week I received, a very appreciative email from Peter Sindrey at Lakes Entrance, about our support for the training of three people in the use of the Lucas Mill. Please look at a video of the project at
Bernie Farquhar, a Rotarian on the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid Committee, and a leader in this project says “The response to this project has been immense, we are now working towards a second Mill, the team has been out to visit over 40 farms with an estimate of 300 logs to mill, we are pursuing funding through BRV and others, we are looking at a two-year project, currently employing 4, a joint initiative between Lions, Rotary and community farmers. The potential to duplicate into NSW is been investigated and challenged, a simple idea that has community helping community , Hope this video link works for all”.
The Ranch Motel already has 8 guests, including the first, a middle age lady who had been sleeping in her car. The Board will this week consider some funding towards this. 
Fusion bathroom projects is awaiting some final Council hoops being jumped. 
Australian Rotary Health – PHD Scholarship. As you know the Club has committed to funding a PHD candidate on the subject of Bowel Cancer. Full details of our successful candidate, Liam Ryan, and his project are on our facebook page and available at
We will invite Liam to a meeting in the near future. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact me. Tax deductibility can be arranged. 
Australian Rotary Health – Molly King, our Indigenous Student, will be attending our meeting on April 14. 
Mens Shed –we are awaiting an update from the Mens Shed request for some funding towards the completion of  a boat they want to donate to the Sea Scouts. 
President Elect Training – well done to Brian who spent  the weekend at District President Elect Training and described it as “extremely worthwhile” . 
The Bay Trail and our Australian Centenary.  Last Wednesday morning, Dennis, Joe, Brian and I walked the possible Bay Trail route from Gateway Park to the Mornington Heritage Railway Station. What we talked about is reflected in this feedback to Council 
“With the alignment through Mornington,  and into Main st,  and the  connection to Harrap Creek Trail,  currently being finalised,  there is nervousness about being able to start a project this year for the Centenary. 
Civic Reserve,  which is suggested in the Council draft, as a possible location for a rest stop,  is already well serviced. There is a great picnic, playground , BBQ near the Lake in Dunns Rd. It is connected to the rest of Civic reserve,  and the Harrap  Creek Trail,  by relatively good paths. BUT there is no signage to show people that this potentially ideal rest stop is there – albeit just off the connector to the Harrap Creek Trail. Indeed the whole question of signage for the Bay Trail through Civic Reserve is a great potential project, as the route is not clear and neither is the entry to Harrap Creek Trail,  or the connection to Dallas Brooke Reserve on the other side of Mornington Tyabb Road. This just needs the Bay Trail signage design, which is in progress,  and a Civic Reserve signage plan, once the alignment is clear. (incidentally we have done some tree planting in Civic Reserve with an Avenue of Trees and possibly we could extend this if the Bay Trail goes near it ) . 
Another potential site is near Mornington Station (Cnr Watts and Yuilles Rd) . Though the final alignment needs to be determined this would appear to be highly probable as the route. It adjoins the Station and connects into Mornington via the Tanti traffic lights. The Club did some tree planting there some years ago and they are starting to look good.. This must have been done in accord with some plan? This could be taken a lot further over a few years. It could be quite a special park adjoining the headwaters of Tanti Creek and connecting to Narambi Park. (areas of it are currently quite neglected).  But we need the final alignment in order to do potentially more tree planting this year, consistent with a long term beautification plan. 
The other option is the access along the alignment into Mornington Main St,  from the highway. The easement is already there and construction of a formed path appears relatively easy. Beautification of this could be a good project. Tree planting could be done this year, consistent with a future  path alignment plan etc ?
The Club previously had several meetings with Adrian Smith regarding Gateway Park (corner Barclay and Gordon Sts) but it is unclear if this is on the Bay Trail, and we understand it has slid down the Council Priority list. This ultimately provided a path that connected through to Shire Hall beach.  Gateway Park could provide a very good “near town” rest stop, assuming  it is on the Bay Tail, and could also serve many other users of the main activity centre. 
There are other options , once the alignment is known, along the length of the Trail  that include 
  • the directional signage,  like referenced above for Civic Reserve 
  • interpretive signage with regard to the indigenous culture and flora and fauna 
  • some simple furniture along the path”
If you read this far – well done and thank you !




For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook