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Jan 19, 2022
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Mornington Community House
Jan 20, 2022
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
2022 Art Show - Final Day
Mornington Community House
Jan 26, 2022
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Club Meeting - Membership Presentation
Mornington Hotel
Feb 02, 2022
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Club Meeting - 2022 Art Show " Wrap-Up" Presentati
Mornington Hotel
Feb 09, 2022
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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 09th Jan 2022, Vol No 75, Issue No 25
09th Jan 2022
From the Editor's Desk.
Good afternoon to all My Fellow Mornington Rotarians & Partner's.  I do hope you all had a very enjoyable, happy and safe Christmas and New Year and Santa brought you all a special gift to brighten up your Christmas morning. This format edition of our Club Bulletin is short in content but big on information. re; The Art Show.
Christmas for many in our society it can be a sad and somewhat stressful time, with COVID still in our community, financial burden's and loneliness a big problem, but it was great to see all the efforts of many of our Club Member's in being able to provide gifts (as presented at our 2021 Christmas Club Dinner) to help make those who may not be in a position to participate and celebrate Christmas as many of us do in the formal/ traditional manner. On the 20th Dec 2021, just before heading off on my family Christmas get together, I received an e-mail from Stuart Davis- Meehan the Manager of our local Mornington Community Information & Support Centre, that was very pleasing and confirms to me that there are a lot of compassionate and caring members within our community "
"  Just had a call from Sherry at Toy World. They had someone come in and donate $1,000 for toys for our present program. They then added another $200. So, I am heading down in the morning to pick of $1,200 worth of toys. Yippee! "
Up Coming Club Weekly Meeting
With the unfortunate cancellation of our tradition start to the Rotary Calendar Year, last week, as the weather once again put a bit of dampener on our Dinner the Park, we will now hold our first meeting at The Mornington Hotel, this coming Wednesday evening, 12th Jan 2022. With the very recent and somewhat sudden (with very little warning) announcement to Hospitality Density Limits rearing its ugly head once again, we will be meeting in the Upstairs Function Room, until further notice.  At this initial Club Meeting we will hear from our our Art Show Chair, Richard, and the Art Show organising team, for a final briefing and overview of all upcoming tasks, which '"physically" kicks off on Sunday 16th Jan 2022. 
Important 2022 Art Show Dates
With only a week to go before we start the all important physical tasks for the 2022 Art Show, so please remember to keep the following dates free in your diary, as we need ' all hands on deck " over the busy days associated with the: set up, hanging of Art Work, Gala Opening Night and Artist collection and clean up.
A.     Sunday 16th Jan 2022 -
        Art Show Set Up
B.     Monday 17th Jan 2022 -
        Hanging of Paintings
C.    Thursday 20th Jan 2022 -
D.   Thursday 27th Jan 2022 -
       Artist Pick-up Collection Day & Facility Clean up





Presidents Report - 09th Dec 2022
 A few thoughts for the start of 2022 
With the commencement of the 2022 Rotary Calendar Year like all our our Members, I'm sure we are all looking forward to year that might allow us to "get out physically" into out local Mornington Community, and this will be very evident with the upcoming 2022 Mornington Art Show. Once we present and then subsequently conclude our all important Mornington Art Show the main theme/focus that I see as vital business is the subject of increasing our current Club's Membership levels, and to this end our Membership Chair, Ross will be hosting a Club Meeting specifically to discuss this topic. I have spoken on this subject on a number of occasions late last year, mainly via ZOOM and as a broad topic, which tends to lose its zest via a computer screen, but come Wednesday evening the 02nd Feb 2022 we all need to keep this date free for a Club Meeting that is inclusive for all Members.
With Rotary's Avenues of Service we will also see, in the new year, individual presentations from each of our designated Committee Chairs  who will be " bring along a special guest speaker" to highlight each Avenue of Service, and with this I am looking to instigate the new Rotary Avenue of Service being Supporting the Environment, into our Club with the concept of actively engaging within the local Mornington community.
The first part of our year will also see two very important occasions to "celebrate & recognise " the achievements and vision of many past and current Club Members with the Rotary Club of Mornington's 75th Birthday Gala Event, scheduled for the 20th April 2022, to be followed by the delayed Australian Rotary Health 40th Anniversary Birthday Function, planned for mid May 2022, and this along with our regular internal quarterly Club Social Functions should prove to be a year of great fellowship and interaction.
Within my short time within Rotary I have noticed, especially over the last two years, an increase in the collaboration of Peninsula Rotary Club's Cluster community events, such as the recent SANTA Train Ride. This is a great initiative and provides all of us with opportunity to engage with fellow Rotarians from beyond our Club and is very widely supported by Rotary Zone 8 and especially our own District 9820. With all the first quarter of celebrations we should strongly consider, in the latter half of 2022, a social gathering of our fellow Peninsula Clubs.
The most valuable asset we have within our Club is our members. The more mature members with their wealth of experience and wisdom and the newer members who have recently provided a great deal of invigoration with their new and inventive ideas, all of whom combine to contribute their passion and time to the ethos of Rotary Service. We may have a relatively small club via physical numbers but I see us as being a very large, vibrant, and strong Club. With any individual member, of a community based volunteer organisation, their ability to contribute and serve  comes with some very special support and I am referring to your Partners. The support and positive encouragement that we get from our Partners is the backbone of our ability to" get on with the task at hand", and I take time to say a very big personal thanks to all the wonderful partners of our Member's.
We, as a Club, have achieved some great undertakings this past six months, and I look forward to working with all club members into this new year and beyond,
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook