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Sep 16, 2020
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Sep 23, 2020
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Sep 30, 2020
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September 8th, Volume No 74,  Issue No 11
From the Editor
Good afternoon to my fellow Rotarians, I hope you and your partners and families are all well and in good health. With Spring well under way, I for one was looking forward to being only two weeks before we “ get out and spread our feet ”, but alas another few weeks  ??? of tight Lockdown Restrictions still to come. With all well laid plans there’s always a glitch and the plan out of lockdown reminds me of my last trip to Sicily. My beautiful wife was our designated photographer, as always, and my Sister-in-law took on the role of the navigator for a day trip in our hire car to visit some spectacular Roman Ruins. We had a plan and an agenda and three hours later we where what you would say was “ geographically challenged “. 
Lets all hope our plan out of lockdown can come to fruition sooner than later and we can all look forward to having a great Christmas and New Year. Stay positive, help each other out where we can and stay connected with family and friends.
Guest Speaker - Nicholas Lynch
Last Wednesday evening our club welcomed one of our own members , Nicholas Lynch as our Guest speaker to present an overview of the current Real Estate Industry and how they are functioning in todays current COVID environment.
Business as usual but in an unusual way.
The reasons people who want to lease, rent, buy or sell property have not changed, so we’ve adapted for that to be able to happen during Covid restrictions.
We have enhanced our technology in the digital world by listing and selling virtually. With the use of FaceTime, Zoom and DocuSign we can list and sell property without ever physically stepping onto the property. Our vendors can take photos which we will enhance along with a walk-through video of their property and a sales agent voice over. 
Stage 1 of our sales campaign starts with social media and marketing to our database and at no cost to our vendor. We can then move to Stage 2 by having the images photoshopped by professionals and put on the real estate portals such as Domain & We are selling property virtually with Zoom inspections, by appointment or with prior registration for Saturday virtual opens. At one property last Saturday we had 5 buyers attend at the virtual inspection. The sales transaction is legally finalised by carrying out the final inspection and settlement. For all your sale needs call Nicholas on 0411 121 356.
Team culture – We’ve implemented strategies to keep moral high and as a result our team is stronger than ever. We have four department Zoom meetings a week, at our weekly staff meeting we have a get to know your colleagues true or false segment and a monthly Friday night fun night where we play games and interact with each other. We have utilised our time and participated in webinars and industry training.
Our Rental department has also been listing virtually and leasing from photos and the property video as well as using a sight unseen clause. Just last week they listed a property and had 11 applications within three days of it going online. We currently have 193 prospective tenants on our tenants waiting list. For all your rental needs call Meagan on 0499 858 070.   
Thanks Nicholas your presentation was very enlightening.
My Isolation Project
Thanks to our very own Joe "The Shark" Siragusa , we are always finding ways to keep ourselves occupied over these very different and difficult times, and Joe has turned to        " oldie but a goodie ". Here's hoping his practise can be turned into valuable skills when he , along with all of us, finally get back to participating in our sporting passions.
Youth Report 
Our Nominee for the National Youth Science Forum held in Canberra in January, Covid-19 restrictions permitting, is Ben Hansen a year 11 student from Padua College in Mornington. He is very keen on Science and Mathematics and keen to learn more about the various fields of science. His subjects this year include Physics and Chemistry.
Ben has been involved with the community as a CFA volunteer, with football and cricket and as an employee at Coles.
Ben’s dad is a Maths/Science teacher formerly at Padua but now at another college beyond Frankston.
Ben is a well-mannered pleasant young man, keen to enhance his education. He speaks confidently and listens well. Richard V and John R were most impressed with him when we interviewed him.
Over 700 applicants applied across Australia for the two Canberra sessions and one Brisbane session in 2021. Our Rotary District was allocated 26 positions and Ben filled one of these.
A decision will be made late in September on the Program …not sure how the Premier’s Plans released Yesterday with impact on our Victorian student applicants, we will have to wait and see ?
Vale - Pat Taylor
To Laurie, Sian, Sue, Blair, Evan and Lauren, on behalf of our President Ross Kilborn, The Board , all our Members and Partner’s and our Friends of Rotary we wish to extend our Deepest Condolences on loss of your beautiful wife Pat, Mother and Grandmother.  Stay strong, both you and your family are in our prays and thoughts. Patricia will be deeply missed.
Our Next Club Meeting
This coming week, tomorrow evening, Wednesday 08th September 2020, commencing at 6:00pm,  our Club welcomes We have Ian Johnson from Tanti Social Enterprises, and Homeground explaining what they are all about. Recall we recently contributed $1000 towards a freezer for them. 
Meeting ID: 927 056 436      Password: 294331
President’s Report – 08th September 2020
This week (Sept 9) on Zoom at 6pm . Meeting ID: 927 056 436  Password: 294331
We have Ian Johnson from Tanti Social Enterprises, and Homeground explaining what they are all about. Recall we recently contributed $1000 towards a freezer for them. 
On September 16 our Committee Chairs will give an update on what their Committees are talking about. 
The 23rd is a Board Meeting and the 30th is a Social Night….details to come …. 
Our Speaker last week – Nicholas Lynch 
It was great to have Nicholas talk about “Doing the usual Business Unusually”, how his business has adapted under COVID restrictions. 
From the outset they adopted a position that the lockdown could be for a year, not just 6 weeks, and to survive they needed to do things differently. 
Twelve houses were sold virtually in August, at least a couple without being visited, and the rest had either been inspected prior or are subject to inspection. Listings have also continued using digital tools such as Zoom. Most of the activity is in the <$1m category. The Property Management Team have been especially busy helping both landlords and tenants. 
Staff culture has been maintained through regular social activities, again using Zoom. Apparently we need to ask Rod about the Treasure Hunt for the oldest item in the fridge? The team was also being encouraged to undertake care calls with all past clients.
The outlook for the property market is positive. Drawing on the New Zealand experience Nicholas anticipates a rise in demand once restrictions are raised. The Peninsula is set to benefit as many Melburnians, with “COVID Clarity”, see they can work from a home office and travel to a city office less often.  
All up it was a great presentation on leadership, in what otherwise could have been a crisis, and all delivered with great humour. Thanks Nicholas.
Three other items from the Meeting.
A vote of thanks at the meeting recognised Brian’s great efforts with the newsletter in the last few months, both publishing and now even delivering it!
And congratulations to Joe for being appointed to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Australia Day Awards local selection panel for the next two years. 
David recommended the SBS Program, available on iview, “Surviving the Virus, my brother and me”. 
Last Saturday Night 
We attended theMusic Trivia Quiz conducted by the Rotary Club of Frankston.  It was fun and all proceeds raised go to their project to raise Funds for the purchase of an ambulance for a village near Siem Riap in Cambodia. 
Upcoming in October 
Two important Rotary events, Lift the Lid (10th) and International Polio Day (24th). Please let me know of any thoughts you have to celebrate and raise funds for these two important causes. Lift the Lid is traditionally celebrated with wearing funny hats and you have probably seen the promotion of this on facebook etc .
Vale - Pat Taylor
We don’t have an update yet on the details of any on line service but understand there is likely to be a memorial service when people can again gather. 
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook