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Paul Nicol Mar 04, 2020
Our Financial Future

Paul Nicol is the Managing Partner and a Senior Financial Planner at GFM Wealth Advisory.

Paul joined GFM in 1999 fresh out of University. During his early years of employment, Paul worked closely with the founder of GFM, Tony Gilham to manage the financial requirements of existing clients of the firm. Today, Paul is now the Managing Partner at GFM and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 was ranked as one of Australia’s top 50 Financial Advisers as published by ‘The Australian’ newspaper in conjunction with the respected U.S. financial publication ‘Barron’s’.

Through a combination of managing client’s financial affairs and additional study, Paul has developed specialist expertise in the areas of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), retirement planning, investment markets and portfolio construction. Paul is a Financial Planner AFP® member of the Financial Planning Association and an SMSF Association SMSF Specialist Advisor.

As the Managing Partner of GFM, Paul has been instrumental in a number of significant developments at GFM.

In 2003, GFM made a significant decision in applying for its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Currently, in Australia, over 95% of Financial Planning firms are wholly or partly owned by banks, large fund managers or other financial institutions. The implication of GFM having its own AFSL is that we have no financial institution, bank or fund manager that dictates which investments we recommend or how clients are invested. GFM is 100% owned by staff, and Paul is the majority shareholder in GFM.


Kristy Kendall Mar 11, 2020
The Education Outlook & International Women's Day Sun Mar 8th

Mrs Kristy Kendall became the 16th Principal of Toorak College at the beginning of the 2016 school year. Having grown up on the Mornington Peninsula, Mrs Kendall has welcomed the opportunity to be back amongst such spirited students who will give anything a try.

With a background in Psychology, Mrs Kendall completed her Masters of Education in 2013 with her thesis focused on the development of an adolescent’s ability to understand another person’s perspective. Mrs Kendall’s academic empathy and expertise in VCE Psychology, and curriculum development more broadly, is demonstrated by her Advisory Board role with Edrolo, an international business focused on the advanced online delivery of educational content relating to VCE, HSC and SAT.

Mrs Kendall is a great supporter of musical theatre and competition aerobics and is excited by the sporting and arts opportunities on offer at Toorak College. She encourage all students to find their passions, identify their strengths and to make the most of their Toorak College experience.

Congratulations Mrs Kristy Kendall who has been named on The Educator's 2018 Hot List